Being Black In Ireland Is Just As Bad....Black Race Is Cursed?

Outrage was renewed this weekend over a video of a young Black gymnast being bypassed as her peers received medals at a competition. As it turns out, the recording stems from a March 2022 GymSTART event held in Dublin, Ireland. It recently began to recirculate on Twitter.

The footage shows several girls lined up as an official goes up to the athletes one by one and places a medal around each of their necks. The Black gymnast continues to smile as she confusedly looks at her other competitors and notices that she is the only one without a medal.

On Sunday (Sept. 23), the Irish Independent published an interview with the girl’s mother. “We are often the only Black family at gymnastics events, and this has been very hurtful for us. Now, 8 million people have seen the video. From Pakistan to Ethiopia, they can see this was wrong, but Gymnastics Ireland still can’t accept it and say sorry,” said the concerned parent. The publication said Biles’ video reassured the girl that she worthy of acknowledgment


Nyeuthi zikae kwao ziache kutaka kushine kwa wenyewe.

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Vile unakaa udhiru Ukingoja Nabii akupatie handouts?.. :sweat_smile:


Akinipea inakuuma aje. At least sipeleki unyeuthi kwa wenyewe kulialia. Don’t be ashamed of being black living in Uthiru be proud that you in the land of your ancestors.

Be motivated to work hard and change Africa so we can send the first gold medal gymnsts to the Olympics. We know we have the raw talent potential, we just need to get over our own bonoboism

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Surmon Her Highness @Kapotee (@TrumanCapote), conqueror of the white man’s heart, and inform her there is a mission.
Her mission should she accept, is to go to Ireland and convince one geriatric like her; to Love her unconditionally and demand equal treatment in the Ireland society. That where they see colour, instead may they see her blackness as a sign of diety and revere her.

Hiyo tu.

If she cant, then I suppose she can henceforth close that bucket mouth she carries around purporting to praise the whites and hate her kind as if she is any different. Aende huko apendwe kama yeye ni ndume…Nini kwani

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Na utapata hawa ni white liberals wa ku virtue signal with blm icons kila mahali si Ireland imejaa such liberals kwa govt :rofl:

Mbona walifanya hivo mtoi mdogo. Na ni Dem.

The topic of racial disparities is still a common topic in today’s day and age. This is despite the fact that the world is seemingly a lot better than it once was even 30 years ago. Liberals are losing their minds after finding out that a White woman won the Miss Zimbabwe contest. However, conservatives state that a Black woman won the Miss Ireland pageant in 2021.

According to Yahoo News, Zimbabwe will be represented at the 2023 Miss Universe pageant on Nov. 18 after crowning its first winner in 22 years. The return to the competition is significant, but controversy arose when Brooke Bruk-Jackson, a White woman from Harare, was crowned as Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023. It’s rather controversial as she beat out Black contestants Amanda Mpofu and Nokutenda Marumbwa.

However, conservatives are showing their annoyance that the contrary is completely fine and “progressive”. The New York Post states, Pamela Uba made history on September 5 by becoming the first Black woman to win the Miss Ireland title. The 26-year-old, who worked as a model and medical scientist during the pandemic, received the golden tiara at the outdoor ceremony in Cavan. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Uba arrived in Ireland at the age of 7 as an asylum seeker.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1705752528372351241|twgr^2c22c1b084a768a919e72245d270bcc288735af2|twcon^s2_&

X users are vehemently upset at how the woke culture is teaching that being White is suddenly wrong. However, at the same time, a Black person would make everything magically okay. Many conservatives are longing for the days of true unity among all racial groups, as we are, after all, human beings.

Some users state that the woke culture is currently teaching everyone to have double standards against White people. Furthermore, users feel that it is unfair for Brooke Bruk-Jackson to receive hate for her placement. Ironically, she was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, Pamela Uba was not even born in Ireland.

Unfortunately, there are several racist comments towards Black women in general. Many claim that a White woman is more attractive than their Black counterparts. However, this is solely on preference, and there are a lot of Black women who are naturally beautiful and that are their own conventional beauty standard.