Being A Sociopath

So this week, I came to learn that I fall on the “wrong” side of the sociopathic spectrum. Apparently I exhibit sociopathic tendencies. Most glaringly, I am unable to feel human hurt in terms of relationships. Long ago, I twice felt it, badly. Now I’m just immune. I once cried over the loss of a gf (coincidentally she called me today to tell me she’s coming to Kenya). It hurt so bad, I had tears daily for a full month (or more). I was still a teenager, thousands of miles away from home, no support system. I got my second shock some years later.
This third timeI was breaking up with 3 women simultaneously. My Somali, my Kyuk and my Kamba are all seeing the axe. Somali was really classy, I think I’ve already bored her enough that she already wanted to move on. Kamba is not letting go at all. Slept here (new place… - starting a new life), we didn’t do anything despite her best efforts, but she’s still determined to make it work. Kyuk was a total disaster. Matusi daily. When I wake up, when I sleep.
The sociopathy bit is that I honestly feel nothing. I’m numb. I can’t empathise with any of them, I just want what’s best for me. We had our time and now it’s time to move on. I’ve moved on, I need a new life (apparently that’s a sociopathic tendency too).

Be hurt by a wife you have kids with ndio utaingia sociopath expert level. I feel you my friend.
I even have 2 exes who tried to commit suicide after nimeingia Karura and I felt nothing… well among other hekayas that I won’t put here.

Pewa mbili ghaseer:D Breakups si kifo. Kojolea hio maneno mkiachana.

Hahaha…unajua sociapathic tendencies ni nini? If you portray this traits wewe ni psycho ya ukweli.

Theres a difference between sociopath na psychopath

It’s better that than to commit suicide. Last week tumezika two different men in their prime who committed suicide over their kunguru wives and lovers.

Sadness of life

A sociopath will never self diagnose. If you can see inside yourself enough to suspect that you are a sociopath, you are not.

we ni jamaa wa fantasies , unakuwanga stories zingine hazieleweki mara umetomba mtoi wa Obama kwa airforce one.

btw ulitomba @Coronatities kunyi after alimulika inbox screenshots?

Was about to say that. He has high levels of social and self awareness.

He maybe apathetic due to circumstances that led him there, but sociapath apana.


It maybe a coping mechanism. After a nasty break up he could be seeking thrill and adventure by any means necessary.

Sasa wajamaa walizikwa kwa 6x6 juu ya kunguru wamebaki wakitombewa kwa vitanda za 6x6. Sadness of life bana.

You cannot be your own psychiatrist.

Like villanelle… that’s dope

That’s a normal human reaction to emotional trauma.

The mind builds a defense mechanism so you don’t get hurt over petty issues.

It doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath.

Animal cruelty and firesetting are definitely very strong signs of antisocial tendencies but bedwetting has been disproven. Kwa hivyo watu wa kukojoa kitanda mko safe. Lakini tumieni always jameni, apana chafua mattress.

Nimekua very confused sana nashangaa siku izi the world has gone extremely soft mpaka kitu simple kama break up imekua sociopath tendency:D:D:D:D:D

You need to incorporate physical fitness into your routine ndio uwache kufikiria sana. You’ve been making alot of these self analytical posts which is good, shows you have insight and that you take time for introspection but too much of it can be debilitating.

I’m no expert but if I had to guess, you’re suffering from this:

Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. For some people, being emotionally detached helps protect them from unwanted drama, anxiety, or stress.

The symptoms of emotional numbness include:

Losing interest in important, once positive activities you used to enjoy
Feeling distant or detached from others
Failing to access your feelings
Feeling flat, both physically and emotionally
Experiencing an inability to fully participate in life
Having difficulty with experiencing positive feelings such as happiness
Preferring isolation rather than being with others

Just looked up the signs of a sociopath and damn

These three above are the most important comments in the whole post because they tell it as it is.

@LongerTime is overthinking his presumed problems.