Being a single mother ain't easy

So a single mother in her twenties tells me that she wants to commit suicide bcz her baby daddy left her. Actually they were married. Another one told me the same after having four daughters and the man wants an heir. All I can say to my fellow single mothers is that suicide is not the solution. If you are depressed over these men you need to take antidepressants. After you have taken all the shit and the man still leaves it’s devastating. Hii mambo ya kuvumilia. Anyway, ladies let’s decenter men from our lives and let us love ourselves and be true to ourselves. You can never go wrong with that. If you want a peaceful and happy life do not be male identified, decenter men from your life bcz nowadays. men have just become plain evil. They are even taking advantage of their fellow men. Just take it as character development and God saving you from a worse fate. Even HIV positive people struggle to accept that they have a heavier life than negative people but once they accept it they thrive and love themselves and they let the past remain behind them. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. You are now a single mother with no support, accept it and ask God to guide and help you. Don’t kill yourself. Your kids will be left suffering. Otherwise Merry Christmas and wamama tujipende please.


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Ndio hii machungu yote kwa wanaume


As a woman zaa watoto unaweza Lea pekee Yako Incase husband dies or leaves. Family planning is there use it. You don’t need his consent.

Usizae kama huna social support structure to help raise your child/ children

Know that kupata ball is not guarantee of tying down a man. Boni and Karura forest hakuna visa restrictions. Utaachwa ushangae.


Acha stori mingi. What’s your story?


Alidinywa mkundu proper na kuachiwa bastards
Since then she has never been sane
She lives hating on black men coz it reminds her of her deadbeat slum dweller hubby in hopes of landing an old mzungu to wife her
That’s the story mahn.


kwani uko na mtoto na you are not proud?


All I can say to my fellow single mothers is that suicide is not the solution.


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Hukua umejijazia according to red peels philosophy? @Micymas father is the one who knows how singo moda I am. Yeye ndio amekua akilea watoto wangu beta simp style.

Ata kuna wenye nimeficha shags.

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single mothers deserve less

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I wish they knew that before they opened their wombs

Unafaa kuwachangamkia angalau unashtua MGTOW battalion hapa ivi

Why? Na kama Mzee alinyuria



Truman for the sake of your own mental health, toka tu Kenyatalk. Huku singo matha akisoma vile tunawakemea si anaweza jimada?


That’s why ignore is there. Asking for a friend does adoption count for single mother too? Kwani wamenitusi sana? Hehe. Why do these red peelers harbor so much hate for single mothers? Hii cult iko na chuki na kila mtu, you are a single mother you are a hoe, you are single and child free you are selfish and will regret never having kids, you are young you are a slut, you are old you have hit the wall, you are handsome you are an entitled Chad, you are ugly you are an incels, you are married you are in the plantation. Mimi bora mtu hanilishi wacha tuu aonge. Some of this people in cults if they don’t have an outlet for the frustration they face in life they will commit suicide so let them vent. It’s OK.

Kumbe wewe ni mmoja wao. Take your painkiller and shut it.

MGTOW wataniua bcz I’m their compatriot in staying out of the plantation. MGTOW musijali I’m just messing with you.

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I used to reason sio kupenda kwao wawe single moms.Hell i even went further and fell for one with two kids.First alipata msichana akiwa high school and the nigga responsible alikuwaa young 20 something boy earning 70/80k then…In her mind aliangukia…2019 akapata ya pili a boy And she thought sasa amefika vile amezaa mrithi…

I dont know what happened,but things never went well.When i asked her about the boy kid,akaniambia she regrets it was a mistake …being a kifukuswi​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i said well,huyu ni mtu anawezaelewa life and settle.

Weeh …kijiji, all i can say to young members,hata upate msichana 10/10 but she is a single mom…never think of tying her down…even if the husband is dead.Kitakuramba.

Wacha single mom ateseke vile umempata