Being a midget. Ask me anything!

Since hapa Kenya-Talk, anyone very short is deemed as the scum of the earth, I am doing an AMA where I basically answer questions about my life as a very short person.

Basic background.
Primary nilikuwa sawa since everybody was not tall. High School, nilienda poa so my height was not equited to my abilities.

University, ni nusu nusu. There were assholes and people who were cool with me.

Huko nje, of course I get stared at a lot. Sometimes wishing the earth would just swallow me whole. And of course I get judged a lot. People stare and whisper loudly about my height. The world out here is horrible actually. Hahaha.

The reason I am doing this is because of my own demons. Najaribu kupata a self depreciating sense of humour since I am battling depression of course.

And I also want to understand why would people go out of the way to “bully” short people even when the latter is seemingly silent na hasumbui (I am an Introvert, have very low self esteem,niko indoors 99% of time). Na what my height has got to do with normal abilities kama understanding something. Halafu, why the negativity?

Matusi zikikam please throw in a few genuine answers.

Leta hekaya ya venye ulikamua dame Yello Yello ivi, haga maduong, na very warm and tight coomer, na ukafikisha the legendary Ktalk threshold…Mbaff!!

What’s your height? Also as a life rule bro you don’t want to be around people who judge others for their looks not limited to height. Absolute toxic people who drain the energy out of you.

I personally have no problem with short guys because it doesnt matter to me as a straight man. Ladies seem to have a bone to pick with you guys. All girlfriends I have had never liked short guys, I dont know why. I dont like tall girls either/my height or taller

Ningependa sana kukutusi matusi kadhaa, but I will not play a part in driving your self worth southwards.

You are not your height.

What’s your usual handle little man?

Amesema yeye ni @introvert

Question: Are you a pygmy or an eskimo?:D:D:D:D:D

Why would he be an Eskimo? :confused:

Midgets without borders :smiley:

I have a couple of questions. I don’t intend to be rude or disrespectful. If any question appears so, don’t take offense.

  1. Do you have a girlfriend? If yes, how tall is she in relation to your height? No homo.
  2. When having sexual intercourse with a lady taller than you, is it possible to kiss and fvck at the same time or you just stare at her navel the whole time?
  3. Can you drive?
  4. Do people mistaken you for a kid and ask you to leave seats to ‘watu wakubwa’?

You are going to hell :D:D:D:D

The above are indirect insults.

If you haven’t learned by now other people’s opinions of you are just that-opinions. Where those opinions start affecting you is if you actually believe in those things yourself.
Meanwhile, nguo zako unanunuanga tois market ama asking on behalf of your valentine phylgee…

I avoid most of them! But it can be hard at times. People keep pretending to be friendly and nice because I have this “disability”. The fake kindness sucks.

Really :(:frowning:

Thank you.
The ladies, yes, have a problem with we. :D:D:D.

Another question: When someone farts in a crowded elevator, do you take it personally bearing in mind that you inhale 98.72% of the fart? You are a true hero. The world could use more people like you.:D:D