Being a junior officer in the police ni mateso tupu

This junior officers pass thro hell no wonder the bring their frustrations to us raia…Tena wanajiuliza ovyo ovyo .poor pay,na stress kibao from their so called seniors…anyway kenya hakuna kazi aajiriweni Bolisi


This is what happens when you recruit based on the number of teeth a person has and the ability to run a mile.

When senior police are D minuses what do you expect?.

Shamba imekuwa ndogo wakaanza kulima kwa nyumba ndani?


mbicha ?

Sadness is that a whole platoon leadership inapanga deal ya ngiri mbao… And they are supposed/expected to secure property and people worth birrions

D- vs D- let them tear each other to shreds.

Can’t symoargiaw with meffi D- materials

I have heard of commanders setting ‘targets’ for their juniors but this is on another level. Anyway in this day and age no Kenyan can feign ignorance about the police. Ukienda huko you know what you’re in for.

Vast majority of those who have joined the .ke police force over the last 3 or 4 decades, have done so motivated specifically by the bribery/corruption opportunities therein.

They’ve done so because they need a job. Getting a decent career with a D- grade is extremely difficult. You will be surprised most of these recruits don’t have corruption in their soul. But when posted to a station, OCPD puts a harsh environment for them to collect money every day. Don’t be surprised to find a recruit collects 3k a day and only keeps 300sh.

Avumilie kama vile alilipa hongo.

There is no justification for keeping even the 300 sh because it’s not earned.

Yeah but you get my point. Many times they are driven to corruption.

:D:D:D:DMimi sijui wisdom mnatoanga wapi.

Wanajiita hivi fb…join and help them cry

True…IG Mutyambai aliwakazia roadblocks walwa wanaweka kila mahali…

Quote of the year… salute down .