Being a good dude helps a lot.

I used to live plots flani along Garissa road na I got close to the landlady. Ilianza kimchezo but eventually we started screwing. Her hubby was a good guy but by then hatukuwa tunajuana vizuri.

With time I came to know the man better na he was okay. Calm, kind na hakuwa na story mob. One day my jalopy ilikataa kupiga. It had an old battery after losing a newer one to thieves. As I was struggling to push the car near another one ndio we jump start, the landlord came and assisted in the whole process until I was sorted.

This made me immediately stop smashing his wife na nikatubu sana. Funny enough after I lost my job he hooked me with another one.

There is this other dude whose wife was my campus mate. I called him one day coz I badly wanted his wife’s number. The nigga was chill as f*ck. He was like “Alibadilisha namba wacha nikupatie yenye anatumia”. Within a minutes I had the number. He didn’t interrogate me or anything despite the fact that he had met me only once.

I was surprised coz a guy ata kama ni cuzo ya bibi asking you for your wife’s number is not a small deal. Huyo bibi yake we still go to mugithi and she has tried to sleep with me several times but juu ya heshima ya bwanake I refuse every time.

Guys, it pays to be a nice person. Doing something bad to someone nice is hard. Anyone with a similar experience?

I pity men who think screwing someones wife is an achievement. Some of these married women wanakupea juu they are vulnerable coz the hubby anamplay serious na pretty young things, alafu unapewa kuma ya woishe unakuja kuchest thump hapa?

Some of yall need Jesus, or some few hot slaps.

Itiiiiiis What itttiiiiis. Kula wa neighbour na pia wako anakuliwa. kama haliwi pea huyo neiba namba akule atleast unajua sio some stranger huko nje anakula hio mali.
several methods of giving neighbour namba is. Bibi akiwa away enda hapo umuombe simu upigie bibi yako . ama do the reverse.

bottom line lazima someone akule hio kitu ata kama huwa unakunia misumari. You might as well plan and accept it as a part of life.

Nice guys finish last
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cuckolded beta male. Hapana jaribu kutuconvince kukuliwa bibi ni normal. vumilia hali yako.

Fake stories

Bibi yako pia atakuwa anakuliwa ivo ivo. The world is a small place!

Mimi sijawahi kula bibi ya mtu except one or two times, but niliacha

where do guys find time to fuck mamas when there is so much young fresh pussy going around?

wamama kuma zao zime ferment ziko na sweet sour taste

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Umelewa ama Ata huwa hujui unasema nini

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Kupita na bibi ya mtu is not my cup of tea, not because of karma but simply because it’s just distasteful


What’s the moral of the story panya??

Africans love f*cking. It’s all the Africans think about : Fucking, being fucked.

The type of fucking. The location of the fucking. The attendees as the fucking took place. The repurcussions of the fucking. The cost of the fucking. Future fucking. Historical fucking. Pre-historic fucking.

How fucking will be on Mars…


hio kuma ya woishe siwes mind any day

i agree very faaaaaaaaake stories

endelea kupita nazo na pia magnum ipite pia na wewe :D:D:D:D:D:D

Find Jadhe a translate hii maneno, broda… :D:D:D:D