Let’s encourage ourselves in the Lord like David Kenyans… Things are thick thanks to Bonnie and Clyde wa Kenya UhuRuto

Kenyans will soon be too broke to do anything but yap. Ati SGR , ati electric train - how in a country where 14M youths are unemployed and guys are dying of hunger. Anyway,ni poa. If we survived Moi …

@GeorginaMakena I commend your effort to alert us about what’s going on but your approach on how to do it is very off putting. Imejaa ukabila na matusi. If you have the energy to write page long replies, si you also have the energy to research on a better approach?

Now start a new thread indicating the relationship between poverty and Miguna Miguna.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

Wanaume wengine wanakuanga na shida!!!

There is a WAY MAKER.

why do you need sugar coating? are you a baby? @GeorginaMakena your approach is spot on.


Am still waiting for these guys inflicted with Stockholm syndrome to come start and defending these two thieves and their concubines utapata jamaa anatumia bundles za kukopa coming here to start defending fools just cause of tribal affiliation;while the thief setting private accounts from taxpayers budget for private use,buying cars for Claude and building posh apartments from his hard earned tax cash,which he hasle kuamka asubuhi jam, jioni mvua, lipa rent mashida za nairobi. Alafu unaskia mtoto was maskini akilia Tano tena na bundles za kukopa

a. The country is not broke.It only has a budget deficit which most countries in the world do.
b. Unasumbua.

Hawa watu wanaiba hadi tokens za elec, ati last mile everybody is getting elec, kumbe it is a plan to get everybody elec so that waibe tokens. Youpay for 40 plus tokens UhuRuto take atleast 20 unabaki na 20. They get a cool 6 Billion every month from Kenyans thru elec . Hawa watu ni utumwa inawasumbua. Kenyans are slaves to this people without even knowing it. Unanunulia UhuRuto tokens - half of what you buy is theirs. You pay for elec you dont use, blackout ikija iende some more stealing happens there. Heh! Hii hata sio wizi. Thieves take a few things. This is just plain slavery.

Nobody had come out to explain what or who those paybills belong to. Daylight robbery from despots

Wait till Auditor General audits these roads project tunashindwa tukionyeshwa ati Jubilee Development, ndio utajua wizi ni nini. All these development is just conduits for looting. Meanwhile as we send all our money to China in so called infrastructure projects, chinese are not even eating Kenyan eggs theyre bringing their own, why waste money on a doomed nation, let them rape/reap to the maximum then leave us collapsing after milking as much as they can milk. This country aki… SMH

And the us secretary sent a warning to African nations to avoid china

They built a billion shilling home for hustler free we can not avoid them. Theyve made a downpayment on Kenya.

Siku Mombasa port will be taken ndio mtajua deni so mzuri