Beijing Would Take Control Of Taiwanese Skies Within Minutes – Pentagon Admits

Washington has concerns over Taiwan’s capacity to defend itself in the event of an attack from Beijing, according to leaked documents that have shaken the US military intelligence infrastructure, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Responding to the concerns outlined in the documents, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Defense Ministry told the Post that it “respects outside opinions about its military preparedness” but its defense protocols are “carefully constructed based on enemy threats.”
The papers, which were allegedly uploaded to a gaming web forum by a 21-year-old US National Guardsman, suggest that Beijing would very likely gain early air supremacy over Taiwan should a conflict break out in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait.

The leaked Pentagon assessments also indicate that Taipei’s military leadership has doubts surrounding its own ability to “accurately detect missile launches,” and that only around 50% of its aircraft are capable of effectively engaging Beijing’s more advanced air force.

The damning reports on Taiwan’s defensive efficiency comes days after it held military drills in which it planned an array of responses to attacks by missiles and chemical weapons. These took place after Beijing conducted its own exercises, which reportedly included a scenario involving the ‘encirclement’ of the island.

Washington’s concerns regarding Taipei’s apparent security problems coincide with frustration in Beijing about apparent US meddling in the region. China upped its military drills last year following a visit to Taiwan by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while Beijing also expressed anger when the island’s leader, Tsai Ing-wen, held a meeting with current Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California earlier this month.

Beijing, which views Tsai as a separatist, considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province which will one day be returned to full rule. Washington has diplomatically acknowledged Beijing’s position that there is only one Chinese government under its ‘One China’ policy, though it has maintained unofficial ties with the island. The Biden administration has also suggested that it would aid Taiwan should China attempt to take it by force.

Mimi hizi Western countries huwa zinaniudhi. None of them recognize Taiwan and all of them adhere to One China Policy. Taiwan is also not really a major player geopolitically apart from chips (Which China, South Korea, US and Japan can make). If they care so much about Taiwan, shouldn’t they rescind One China Policy and recognize Taiwan? Again they know that’s straight up suicide because China is a huge market and it props up their economies massively. Imo they should let China have Taiwan and Taiwan be granted a semi-autonomous status like how they do back home (US - Puerto Rico, UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France - Mayotte and French Guiana, etc). Taiwan should maintain it’s laws, passport, rules and everything but some degree of rule should come from the mainland. Otherwise wanasumbua.

Right on, but ujue why they are saber rattling. Ni uchokozi tu. America wameshikwa gonads na millitary lobbyists. Weapons have to be sold.

America is poking the bear so there can be war and then they get to benefit from it. Hio military industrial complex yao ni upuzi sana.

Us is baiting China into an armed confrontation to derail their economic progress.

We call is a Mexican standoff; simply no side has the strategy to achieve victory. To politely correct you China makes low end processors for autos and appliances and used to buy high end from Taiwan and USA but since Trump , China is being cut off from many manufacturers and they are investing billions in Chip research and so far the money has gone down the drain. China can’t even make commercial jet engines due reliance on borrowing and stealing from others ; that’s the bad thing about copying someones homework.
China and US have a symbiotic relationship; China depends on the West as markets for their goods and America depends on China for cheap products; a pair of men’s boots made in China might cost $ 50 but if the same was made in American it will cost $ 180. A pair of socks made in Vermont will cost $ 25 a pair( Darn Tough Vermont - Merino Wool Socks Guaranteed for Life ) while for that amount you will buy like 6-8 pairs made in China.
The Chinese are mean and have refused to fully open their market to the rest of the world so it’s local consumption for locally made goods and I can bet you the day they open their markets they will suffer .

American companies love saving costs and returning dividends to their shareholders that’s why China is booming and manufacturing has died in America . At the end of the day money is the real ideology whether you are Chinese or American and I don’t think China would fcuk up things by invading Taiwan; a billion people in a poor economy is a dangerous weapon.

Before I say degree muhimu, I want you to Google these things…

  1. First island chain
  2. Second island chain

The value of Taiwan is her location as it makes it easier to contain China militarily using the first island chain from Okinawa down to Philippines.

Taiwan under China would all but essentially mean expulsion of the US military from Asia as the second island chain would become indefensible.

I don’t expect diploma holders kama @Ndindu wakue wanajua hizi vitu

Degree muhimu sana.

That young gamer boy who leaked that US document did this world a very big favor.

Military industry complex what they are forgetting. All out war will wipe out those companies. It’s shares will fall to zero. Super sonic missile will do the job.
Mimi kama boy wa Putin lasima I skin homosexual dead alive.

He should get this year Noble Peace Prize. His actions have saved many lives

I just laugh when people like you downplay Chinese innovation.

Yes, China is coming from behind in many areas, including chips and jet engines. Yes, they copied a lot to kickstart their own ech revolution.

But at the rate they are going they will dominate the world in virtually all fields of human endeavour, including AI.

These are people with their own space station, for God’s sake…

During a Russian High School Science event in 2017 Putin said this.


[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]And as of today China is the LEADER in that field

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’ - The Verge

Putin is a leader par excellence.

But he needs to clean up his security services which have been thoroughly infiltrated by the Yankees…

Look at the bigger picture if itvwas never meant to be leaked then it wouldnt have been there in the first place, hizi vitu hufanywa kuchange narrative and keep the populace distracted

Ndio nimeshangaa ati “leaked”… ati “…documents that have shaken the US military intelligence infrastructure…”