Bei ya maziwa

Yesterday I bought a packet of milk(KCC Gold) @ kes 55 which I felt was abit out of hand.Later today I went to the same supermarket only to buy the same packet of milk @ kes 60.

KCC milk was the cheapest with other brands goings as high as kes 63.

Ni pesa ya campaign inatafutwa au nini?

I hope the other basic commodity prices have remained constant.

Fresha is at $48 I hear, but inaisha kwa Super very early.

And you MUST buy from there ? gun to your head ama ?

Fresha was kes 62 at Quickmatt Kiambu rd.Could it be its them who are selling at exorbitant price

I thought elders are wise people.

Eeh! 48 dollars. Kwani inajipika?


Have been buying at sh.48 but right now I just bought one at sh.60 as well. I quit

Is it cost of production pushing it high.I will also have to quit it

Nimebuy 2kgs sugar at 305. Nikidiscuss na khupipi kwa line vile imepanda bei the teller tells us that hata imeshuka bei from 325. Tunaelekea wapi kama nchi?

Half a litre of bottled water ni 50 na sijawahi ona a thread kuhusu hio maneno

:eek::eek::eek: Waahhh

Bottled water is a luxury.Milk is somehow a necessity.

Black tea with lemon tastes better and is healthier …,try it

Hapa sisi husema kila siku, ukiskia politician promising sugar cane farmer, maize farmer and a dairy farmer of good prices for their produce, nyima yeye kura.

Cut out simple sugars from your diet…it’s healthier for you…unapunguza risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer

Keringet ama? Juu sisi watu wa Quincher bado tuko 20’s


How do you substitute the 2 teaspoons of sugar kwa chai?

You subtract one

You drink kavu (dufia) or add a teaspoon of natural honey…
Likewise uji iko na ndimu ama uji fermented…