Behold, He's The Messiah .

Ametumwa kuwakombowa wanyonge.

Miracles ! ! !


What BS is this ?

Who is that?

hio bottoms up ilikuwa wapi akiiba pesa na jirongo

He will be worse. I support anyone willing to rig him out.

Liberals idea of comedy.

Ukimaliza speech za ujinga peleka mkundu Kamkuywa ikatombwe na budako.

Matusi ya nini you retard!

Wewe peleka subaru yako kwa mechanic, mbwa!!

Niliskia ati subaru morons spend half their lives at the mechanic store fixing their junky cluncky cars.

Articles like this zimejaa mneti. It’s a con job:

[SIZE=7]The Quality Question: Why Has Subaru’s Reliability Gone Downhill? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Subarus used to be known for their rugged durability. Now the socially progressive brand is dealing with severe engine related issues. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Subaru Is One of the Most Expensive Non-Luxury Brands to Own[/SIZE]
by Addison White on May 22, 2020
Some cars are more expensive to own than others. Obviously, there’s the initial MSRP you have to pay on cars like a shiny new Porsche or BMW. However, you should also take into account its yearly fuel cost and maintenance fees.
You may think you’re getting a bargain with a Subaru Forester or Impreza. Cars from this automaker have luxurious interiors and a lot of standard technology at very affordable prices. However, according to Consumer Reports, a Subaru is more costly to maintain than some luxury rivals.

This is a political conman, period

Ngurwe kula offals matiti zinone.

Hii journalist sio Ile ilikatsiana na water melon