Beggar career

These women of "nisaidie 1k urgently ", I was thinking they sent the message to over 100 stupid men and maybe get from even 10 “generous gentlemen” who may not even get the pussy

Women and Men most ni students hata,

The economy is tough. Dont criticize them kama huezi wasaidia

Ati “Can I ask you something?”
Run, run, run

To the deepweb?


Hey i need a favor…thats on your marks. Run brother run
Ama akikuambia ako na stress kisha you wanna be the nice guy. Ati stress gani…hiyo ndio kujitia kitanzi

Easy,ask her if she’s willing to do you a favour (sex obviously) first, kisha ungoje reaponse. Even if she’s game itabidi angoje mpaka when you’re ready,hapo atajipa tu shughuli.

Itisha mkia hatarudia tena

                   Skia malaya

Dem akianza kukuchat na uone this line “Niko na stress”…ogopa kabisa
Every simp will ask, “kwanini” and you will have crossed a threshold you can’t come back from

Atleast buy me breakfast, lunch or supper before we meet

Wewe ni ng’ombe shoga humbwer ghaseeer , kazi ni kukula micoondur na kulipa 150 Kama humbwer , sema wewe ni humbwer .

A simp goes further than “kwanini” to include phrases like “a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t be stressed about anything nikiwa…bla bla bla”

Umetaja ule jamaa wa vitenda… Sorry “my simping days”.

Very simple. Just let her know your intentions from the first 2 days of chat. Ask her for sex, if she declines, she will never ask for favors

wacha uchoyo mkubwa , saidia kina dada