Before she landed at United Nations(UN) as an intern, she was selling Nunu online and parading nudes.

Sasa wazungu wanamlipa na madollars…A snitch at UN tells me wazungu kama wote UN headquarters wamemfuck., …See her flaunting real dollars probably after getting some serious strokes from a mzungu…

Background info ni muhimu boss.Who, where…

Is she shiny?

Shida ni gani. Its her puthy she can dish it out as she well please.

If society breaks down 90% of women will be prostitutes and 10% dead. Men will be hunters and thieves. Just deal with it, it is in the DNA

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Nuttin nuh go so #melaninchocolata #

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Benji paper all the way

Who is this? and Why should we care?

If she’s selling her snatch… Good for her… I heard sio sabuni, haita-isha…

Kwani alikunyima pussy ? Si uende sex change pia wewe uuze pussy Tucker tucker

Shida yako ni nini, infact nature rewards shuch people for using their resources very well.

Wacha watu wajienjoy haikuhusu walahaikudhuru.

Sasa hii ndio inaitwa UMAMA.

Uza matako pia brathe.

Beta male ghaseer, why are you obsessed with this basic lanye? IG imechocha watu wengi sana.

Social media in general ndio imechocha hawa wanawake.

Given the opportunity (right person, right circumstances, right reward) even your wife will do the same.
It’s female nature, wacha mrembo akule pesa zake polepole…

Good for her for selling local drilling rights to hao wazungu.

Mchezo hivi ndio hiyo 240,000

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