Before Moi-Day, some redpills 101


Uko na bibi ?

Well said my fren.

Injili lazima itambe… Som further wisdom
“women change status based on a relationship men dont for instance a king can marry any woman and she automatically becomes a queen on the contrary a queen can get married to any man and he wont be king… Just the queens husband!!!”

i do not advocate for eternal bachelorhood although i am very much aware of the servitude nature of marriage. Having said that, eventually all men (99.9%) even the most red-pilled ones get hitched. So instead of burying your head in the sand na kujidanganya ati hutawahi oa, why dont u start building the right bedrock and foundation for a successful marriage so that when the time comes for your turn in the guillotine you will have an easy time, or atleast the odds will be heavily in your favor.

Hapa ni Kizungu miingi na cat walks, cunt relate

Shukran kwa red pill buda

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii we know this is you