Before having kids, internalize this.

[ATTACH=full]474807[/ATTACH]Sio kuzalisha kama panya watoto wanakuja kuteseka bure.

If u poor, don’t have any kids


Shida ni watu wengi ni mafukara hawana kazi ile kazi iko ni ya kulimana tu

@cortedivoire 's gave birth like a pig and the brood turned into whores and fags

:D:D so why did you leave out the second part of the verse? Because it will completely change the meaning of what you are trying to tell us? Only one google search away.

An example of how the Bible is used to mislead by isolating small bits and taking them out of context

Because the main message is in those words. The rest of the verse does not change the meaning, does it?

Peasants proverbs

The issue is not about having wealth or not, but it contrasts what happens to the wealth of a good person vs the wealth of the sinner

The fact that it is in contrast to a sinner’s wealth does not discount my point.

You are using it to claim that to be a good person, you should leave an inheritance to your grandchildren, which is not the point of the verse.

Sometimes you have to see some verses from the face value. Those words are so easy to grasp. You are being too analytical. To be a good person you can do many things but we are talking of a good person exclusively in relation to his children.

Easy to grasp yes, in its full context. But if you cherry pick a phrase to promote a different agenda, it’s called lying to others. A lot wrong has been done by people misinterpreting the bible

I agree with you that people do cherry pick but in this particular instance, have I really twisted any word? It is what it is.

Isn’t that my point?

I dont think we can come to a consensus so let us just agree to disagree.

What would happen if you posted a snapshot of the whole verse? I don’t think the world would blow up

You see the point I wanted to pass across was this first half of the verse but you have refused to decipher elementary English. Even preachers preach with reference to particular verses not a whole chapter. A whole sermon could be based on one verse and also subjective according to the preacher’s interpretation.

Lots of preachers are frauds

Without a doubt.