Before Dusit

Why we need to invest more money into our security apparatuses. And we build up the JTTF Kenya. This Al-Katib network should be hacked by our cyber security group and infect there servers with a malicious virus we’ll be able to track.


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What worries me is who are these 289 people who liked the video

Funny how religion can fcuk up someone’s mind, how does killing an innocent stranger please their god.

There was an international students forum full of islamist supporters where they spewed all this rubbish,
I asked one if their God was all powerful, then why did he need humans to fight his war…, he disappeared from the forum:D

They are people like you, who pretend to be sympathetic but secretly celebrate when such attacks happen. Unless of course Somalis happen to be among the victims. Tunawajua. You’re lucky it’s not the 80s anymore.

Don’t accuse what you cannot defend

The Anti-Somali propaganda continues, very good timing

Kumbe rogo was really an extremist. The narrative has always been that the govt took him out kimakosa.

Good riddance.

Most of us know he was an extremist ile mbaya. Personally, I am glad he went.

Anapotosha watoto wa watu wanajoin alshabab while wake Yuko naye nyumbani

Pale kijey wamama walipewa dough na kufunguliwa biashara after wapeleke watoto wao ‘madrasa’,ni kitu inajulikana but gova imelalia

Infact i have a relative who lives near them and they told me ya kwamba walikuwa wapole and all. Lakini wacha serikali wafanye kazi yao.

On matters terrorism, serekali is never in the wrong.

Ukiona wamemguza mtu jua kweli si mtu mzuri

Once you hear someone being mentioned in extremism, 100% chance he is. Even the tiniest of mentions. Such people should be immediately eliminated outside the corridors of justice. Because they don’t believe in such.

Kill all those fuckers.

Radicalized youth had taken over several mosques, I suspect with funding from the Middle East. Marwa deserves all the credit in the way he tackled the problem.

How much propaganda comes from Somalia,spiced with religious extremism against Kenya?

the fact is 80% of Madrassa teach extremism, lets burn all mosques

The government needs to respond before its too late. They always watch then come later to kill when its too late. They even do this with ordinary thugs in the neighbourhoods.

That’s why countries like China and India can’t allow the Islam chieth religion to flourish.