Beenie Man - Hum Hum -- Dancehall Reggae

There goes another one of the silver bullets in Beenie Man’s emphatically formidable if paranormal arsenal…
Though I am fully aware that the word appears Zero times in the song, I could bet I hear the word “insurgent” severally in there. Actually that’s part of the reason I enjoy reggae a lot…I get to make up imaginary stuff in my head for my BABA ZERO records label.

Si kwa ubaya, lakini we hua unaongea na nani?

Beenie huskate kwa hii track.

Hahaha…but if you listen to it inside of the “Love Of Da Dancehall Riddim” this song gets in there so magnificently, at the end of part one, and the genesis of part 2…
With the singular exception of UNGA YA PEMBE, kwanza ile ya 90, those RIDDIMS are the most ingenious of humanities’ contrivances!!