Been reading from socials about house parties.... the consequences seems to be dire!!

Kumbe people have been suffering in silence some have undergone some horrifying episodes all in the name of house parties. From the current infamous DJ Fatso case of murder, people been opening up of what happens in those late night home parties or returns from clubbing while drunk…

  1. Murders happening (planned and unplanned)
  2. Rapes (quite often)
  3. Vijana kufunguliwa boot (now happening often - Maboyz kadhaa have gone into depression because of this)
  4. Walevi kuu hobo living room, kitchen na kutapika ovyo ovyo; all in the name of “nilikua high”
  5. Spreading of kisonono na kadhalika
  6. Theft (almost always happens)
  7. Fightings (watu wanatoka na dents za milele)
  8. Getting introduced to hard drugs
  9. And the ultimate one, frienship ending kabisa - milele.

Why would you bring a crowd to your man cave, let a lone allow people to misbehave while there. Watu hawatumii akili ama pombe ndio hua inaongea.

oh, the debauchery that happens in these events.

Siwezi kubali hii upuzi in my cave

Mimi ata man cave yangu sieze kubali ulevi…Pombe ni ya club

Went to a house party once dame akapigwa train na 5 guys. Vitu huhappen hapo ni crazy.

… If guys would come out and talk about these things, we would be left shocked. Now, for such a girl hata aende station kuu report, first she wasn’t in her right senses, second she wasn’t forced to be there… It just complicates everything. She is left to just keep silent and let it eat her up a lone.

Back in the day after getting my ID, my old man aliniita kando, akaniambia, if I’ve to drink alcohol lazima niwe na trusted friends wenye hawawezi niacha, nisiwahi enda club /house parties because of FREE ALCOHOL, I must have my own money to buy. If you look at DJ Faxto’s shenanigan, the young man might have been lured with free alcohol and women. House parties are hell on earth, went one back in 2001 had to be sober to look out for my young bro, women were harassed at the washrooms.

Usikubali kuleta pombe nyumbani. Inaleta madhara kubwa.
Even in family parties it brings destruction. Mtatusiana hapo na baba yako, mama, au ndugu. Ama ata mpigane. Mnaweza anza vita na bibi au sistako mbele ya watu. Aibu kubwa sana.

Bullshiett. My grandfather hakuwahi kosa mzinga kwa nyumba. Na if his close friends visited wangeenda kwa gazebo kuteremsha hiyo mzinga. My old man pia huchapa beer zake home sometimes bila issues. Mimi pia nitakuwa nakunywa kiasi nikiwa home ile time energy ya kuenda club itaisha. No incidents from my relatives so far and its been 3 fukin decades. I guess jamii zingine zina ustaarabu kuliko zingine so maybe jamii yako ni type ya matusi na kumisbehave ovyo ovyo. If your family is civilized hii maneno ya vita ama matusi hutawahi ona.

Kuna boy alifunguliwa boot kwa house party kilimani

… This is happen more often, gays are or on the loose.

Dem analewa anachapwa rotation

Wewe you are just an irrational retard who’s desperate to reply to threads without necessarily comprehending anything.

Now tell us pantomath, civilized people are immune to the effects of alcohol, right?

When fighting with the KDF guy you were under the influence of water innit.

How many times have you seen old men at house parties?

Do you even understand the difference between keeping beer at home and imbibing on alcohol with 31 others?

Pathetic Braggart.

This almost happens kwa house party kama zote. Pombe kwa msichana ni mbaya. Dem hupigwa chain moja noma.

You need to understand where your average talker comes from before engaging them in any discussion/debate. Your average talker partakes in discussion to be enlightened or to disperse knowledge, but then we have a special cream of talkers like @Sambamba and @Azor Ahai who specifically confer in debates not for the sake of sharing knowledge, but to massage their fragile egos that is coupled with low self-esteem and psychological issues. Its best they are not engaged.

The guy was cornered akaanza za ati it was just trolling. One thing is for sure, he was under the influence of alcohol when penning that fake ass story, Which begs the question, where exactly was his civility when unashamedly lying to high IQ talkers who can sniff BS from galaxies away??

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