Beekeper Movie Review

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Good movie but msee mmoja beating FBI, SWAT, Service Service, hired mercenaries to reach the president was a bit of an overkill.


Worth my night ama nilale tu?

Worth every minute you will spend watching it. Moto sana


mtu aweke link kama haiko netflix

Watched the second time yesterday. Really good

the moment i saw the main actor was also the producer i knew it would be shitty, and it is

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what about women beating men? hizi female led movies zimejaa uongo. you find a 5’5 woman beating the crap out of men who are 6’5 in height and weight lift over 100kgs. the same woman also knows how to use any weapon available and can drive any machine possible even a tank like wtf!


itscalled suspension of disbelief… it is a dumb movie with a good message. action ni window dressing.

As always Jason Statham was good.

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Hii movie ni mkono tu nothing special

Ingia pale

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Ongeza wrestling ya wanawake kwa hio mix. I find it disgusting.

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hupendi soft meat?

omwami niaje,nakam kitale friday,base gani naeza pata madem walunje wako na shipoto moto

Kuchukia wanawake wakipigana wakiigiza wanaume na kupenda ‘soft meat’ zinahusianaje elder?

sijawoch bado but i love all Statham movies