Beef ya Sa'mak, reminds me of @jirani vs @wakanyama



na kweli moja ni midget:D:D

I hear of this old age beef often when hanging out with talkers. But how did they even coexist peacefully in the now defunct kenyan spot?

Scratch peacefully. There was no peace in that coven.

Ile inauma handful sand ndio wakanyama.:D:D:D:D

Sheriff was in town

Are you sure ? If only you had access to inboxes then you will think otherwise mwalimu

:D:D:D:D bad blood in the cauldron?

This is one reason I didn’t stay.
Wasn’t sure who had access to private information and the malicious intent in their souls.

Sheriff ?:slight_smile:

yes,sheriff wakanyaks from santa fe county,jazameffi na midget walitii,walijaribu kunitrack using subtle methods nika wainbox coordinates zangu badala ya wafanye kazi mingi

hakuna kucoexist ilibidi mmoja atulie na hakuwa mimi

i tell you!

hehehhe na si umejichocha Wakasherrif

Lakini enyewe wewe ni pure blood. Nilichungulia huko nikaona one-man demolition squad. Ulikua unawacombine na kuwachapa mangoto.

I would be careful with that title.
The sheriff always gets shot by another gunslinger.

so you mean mods can access our inboxes?

I don’t know what you talking of

I have always suspected that