Bee License Bill - connected to racism through conservancy game

i thought govt let down kenyans as always , when i read that we now need licenses to keep bees , kumbe its connected to the fact that honey is a billion dollar industry and the n*ggers are being kept out as always .

i keep telling you guys we live in a global caste system and people like @patco dont believe me … these ppl lie to govt under the guise of science , peace and conservation ndio wanukishe otunguu…



@patco When i tell you we are dealing with an invasion , and they will use tricks to be on top in their racist game , at least give me the benefit of doubt…


It’s not only bees. To grind coffee, you need a license. To mill sugar, you need a license. Those are things that can be done by manual machines. All the government wants is wananchi to remain retail sellers. The value added parts are left to Politicians and Indians. Those politicians have poor business skills. Can’t sustain a business without stealing.

Tonnes of self defeating moves in our country. It’s the main reason we can’t industrialize.

you forgot to touch on the ‘conservancy’ thing… sijaweka the whole twitter thread hapa…




Mzungu can do no wrong.

thats why we give them our strategic resources , right ?


The farmers vote for the politicians who screw them… If they want change then…

Politicians are handing this country back to mzungu piecemeal fuelled by their greed.

Bado kuna watu wanangojea the mythic factories and economic growth in the year 2030 promised by the sellouts running this country?

Probably crafty Chinese will swoop in and take most of the country before the old mzungu money.

Mimi ni mkulima na OT Morpho doesn’t work for me. Hiyo habari ati farmers voted for uhuru sijui umetoa wapi.

How much are these licenses?Si you can just pay the license are carry on with what you want to do,shida iko wapi

No farming needs a license except bee keeping.

True after critical thinking, nimecheki hii ni ufala.You don’t need a licence to farm.

For example coffee milling, ni license karibu kumi. Each of them ni hongo kubwa. The last license you have to deposit 1m.

Damn ,yea now I agree with you.

kenya is up for sale banae

Apparently the Livestock bill (that had issues with Bee keeping) has been suspended…