Becoming a Devops

With seriousness a month:

  • Git & GitHub : 1 day
  • Bash Scripts : 2 days
  • CI/CD - Jenkins : 4 days
  • Pipelines - bitbucket pipelines, gitlab jobs and GitHub actions : 2 days
  • Docker and docker swarm - 1 Week
  • Kubernetes - 1 week
  • Cloud services - 1 week
  • Terraform - 3 days
  • dynatrace, cloud watch and logstash - 3 days
  • Ansible - 2 days

Once you finish these, go to Safaricom and tell them your salary should not be less than 190k pm

Which will make you retire by 40 years unlike other jobs where you are relevant until over 65 years… but it is good for those aged below 35 (youth)

azor alai ,waambie hakuna shortcut in life

that timeline haiwezi,each topic hapo ni deep and requires more time otherwise you will end up with surface knowledge or a burnout then give up entirely

Sounds like the hogwash sold by bootcamps.

unless you are genius

Your Sufferingcon payslip can motivate.

bash na 2 days banae

unless hizi ni basics kabisa

Kama mimi sahi nimeanza hii flutterwave stuff, everything has been done to you even sample apps but I still have to understand each and every concept and process. Programming ain’t easy as people think, hii timeline yako ni kama ile ya College unafundishwa C one term unapewa ceritifcate uende kuhustle eti sasa you have the power to read…jesos!!

Azure utasweat

Am now lost on what devops is all about.

This doesn’t look like the thing i use on daily basis for agile devving and project tasks management and scrumming for that matter

Wewe ni Fala basi

weee wi mwaganuu muno,ni thoguo ureraa uguo

Kwani wewe ni hacker?

Nataka kuanza hio maneno I will be asking you kweshons along the way.

Boss you can’t max out Docker in a week. Realistically you’d need various projects to apply that knowledge.

Nope am a developer,hizo systems unaona KRA nimezifanyia kazi tukiwa na wengine wengi,na systems zingine mob.
We use pentest hackers as part of our testing process

To be a developer, what do I need to learn?

Do some coding learning and practices.To begin with ningekwambia uanze na IDE ya microsoft.It is easy.You can be a web or database developer.Mimi niko kwa zote.
Nimeiva python,java na C# database am proficient na both oracle and MSSQL.
Saa hii na somea kitu inaitwa Databricks

Thanks so much elder.

And where do you get learning resources?