Becky Summers Mommy Issues

There’s nothing worse than not having a mum who loves you unconditionally. Being bullied by your own mother is painful. Most people say that their mom is their greatest support system unconditionally. Uende jela she will be there. Ukuwe kwa wheelchair she will be there. Deadbeat dads ni wengi but moms ni ngumu kukuwa deadbeats.

My advice for anyone who has mommy issues is maombi. Prayers touch hearts more than words. Secondly, accept your mom as she is. This is the hardest because every child dreams of a loving and caring mom. Thirdly, try and keep your distance to avoid your heart being broken over and over.

I have few people I have adopted who call me mom. Mainly orphans. They have taught me alot about what it means to be a mother. First of all is that children always love their moms and will always try to come back to their mom even if she disappointed them. Second is that, relationship is more important than being right, sometimes you see your child going wrong and you need to be careful not to push them away from you for good and into the wrong hands. It’s good to be tough but don’t build a wall in the process, leave the door open for them to come back to you and know that your love for them is unconditional and you only want the best for them. Always ask God for direction when faced with a challenging issue that can push your child away, don’t act or speak before you pray. And of course take your worries to God in prayer. Prayer touches hearts more than words. I’ve seen it. Hii story ni sad but I’m glad she spoke out. It’s the beginning of healing. May God touch her mom’s heart. Btw nothing touches a child’s heart than a parent who is strong enough to say, I’m sorry, I was wrong, forgive me. Looks simple but it heals many wounds. Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean that you are not human enough to make mistakes. Say sorry to your child.

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