Ati mlisema beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Sera wuehh! Yaani uyu kijana aliangalia akacheki Serena ndio wake? Ati sema wuehh!


It’s only bonobomindeds that will marry a woman because of her ass or cute selfies. More evolved minds marry character and success; or the potential of it for a better lineage.

Wacha Bro, sieegz must be MOAB.

Watoto watatoka hapo will be genetic specimens. Great future bloodline

Jinga hii skill and knowledge is not genetic

Siwezimind hio pesa ya Serena. Ni panguze mattercore after amekunia

Don’t be silly! Women can be conventionally beautiful and still have character and success.

The mistake you’re making is assuming that the kids will turn out equally successful. Good luck marrying off an ugly girl without the success but with all the character in the world.

Unahitaji viboko.

She probably won’t have any kids

I find the Serena sisters beautiful and strong. And highly talented too.