Beauty queen of the day:- Sanaipei Tande


Post wall chieth

Ngai fafa! Hii imezeeka kuliko Jomo Kenyatta

Where do these grannies get the courage to continue flossing on social media as if they are still teenagers? The kids who were born when this woman started recording music are now in their 20s

Mnyanya awachie spring chicken hizi Tabia , ghassia

Why y’all bashing YOUR African women he heheheh wooooooooi

All ni postwall

Even Zoomalia women hit the wall at some point.

Arab women know no walls

nishatomba mwarabu coomer tam sana

Monkey una ndoto za kisenge sana

Even octogenarians?

Hata wewe nguruwe hio mkundu yako inaweza tombwa

What happened to the other chic from sema? I think she was called pam

I didn’t know she aged this much:rolleyes::rolleyes:

imezeeka lakini bado inaweza kuliwa… lakini at that age you should be bragging with your beautiful kids and the positive change you will leave behind

Niliacha akiimbiwa na ringtone arudi kwa mungu ate bado anampenda

Very very bangable, truth be said


Ali penda pombe sana.

Fallen Star! Former Pop Star Pam Waithaka Spotted Looking Unkempt Hanging Out At A Dingy Wines And Spirits


nikimpata naweza kamua