Beautiful women with Tribal markings


Would you date a woman with tribal markings ? The answer for me is a big yes !

Body marking has been used for centuries in parts of Africa to indicate a person’s tribal heritage. In Nigeria, tribal marks are lacerations made on the face practised by parts of the Yoruba and the Hausa tribe.

Adetutu Alabi bears tribal marks…She is now campaigning to stop the marking of children, acceptance for those who already have them and pursuing modelling ambitions. “A day I just decided that no I have to stop this pity party of just feeling pity for myself because of the tribal marks, so I just started posting more pictures of me and then a photographer saw me and wanted a model with tribal marks,” said Adetutu.

It depends on how the markings look like kama ni zile za Maori za kupakwa rangi mkono hio ni sawa lakini hii ujinga ya Sudanese ya kukatwa uso hio hapana

akanyal crick

am not wasting my precious data bundles opening that link. weka picha zake hapa kwanza

Would you date a woman with Tattoos…???
No difference…