Beautiful waitress

Always treat waitresses well. [ATTACH=full]262131[/ATTACH]



Digiiiiii kihiiiiii

thigiriri…mbona watu hukuita kivisi?


I see a waitress. Can she serve Nyotaimori ?[ATTACH=full]262141[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]262142[/ATTACH]

White people shit

Only sexually inept men think of these stuff as interesting. It’s bottom of the barrel stuff for idiots.

She is a head girl.

Waitress,waitress, waitress ghaseer

Chief, umekula nini asubuhi?

Strungi na ktf

It’s Oriental stuff.

How’s that ?

Why would anyone get excited at eating from a lady’s body rather than having the real thing?

I will eat from a woman’s body. My preference banaa, and if you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

Her Triceps got good gains. Ama ni angle…


The truth is that i have always been lucky with waitresses (najua tuko wengi).
I met one on promotion ya Tusker Cider during the Karen Country Club Golf Tournament. Brownskin mbaya sana, i have been marinating her…and i think shes now ready for consumption. But my inner sense keeps telling to stay away. And thats what i have been doing all along.

Every day you learn something new here.Sasa nimelearn nyomaitori