Beautiful places

I get motivated everytime I watch youtube videos on different places.Appreciating traditions,economic activities of different people from all walks of life makes me realize that there are countries which are still following their course of development,others have said to hell with growth and development while there are those countries that already got there and are enjoying every bit of their effort.
I keep asking myself what kind of discipline these people have.I have also noted their population is low and their life expectancy is mostly above 70yrs despites the environmental challenges they face.
The vlogers may not have covered the bad side of these countries but I believe there is more good than bad side of them.

Out of watching the videos I have put the following countries on my bucketlist.I hope to visit atleast two of them before I get out of this world.

Watch the following videos at your free time.They are long and may consume your bundles.

africans behave like wild animals, we still have echeleons to evolve

In Africa I could choose ZA as one developed country,but again I have not been to Egypt,Morroco,Algeria or Tunia which could be doing well

  1. Canada
  2. South Korea
  3. Japan

ZA are worse zombies, id rather you visit the congo, arabs look at you as rubbish

I have been following some youtuber Drew Binskey in his quest to travel in all countries and what the media shows is most of the time biased. So many beautiful places around the world. He made me wanna visit Iran of all other places.

Am not sure about the three,to expound further I am more interested in countries that have preserved their culture.

In one of the links I have attached,there is abit where the vlogger mentions that it is midnight, yet the place is lighted like a normal day at noon.
I would love to experience that.
I will look out for Drew Binskey videos

Those Nordic countries during summer they have ‘midnight sun’ .

Wapi finland

On the list of 3 countries I put down, Japan alone has more preserved culture than the four you yourself listed. For heavens sake, their current emperor has a direct bloodline that spans centuries back! Can you say that for any of the 4 European countries you listed?

For the other two, South Korea (much like North Korea), is also very keen on maintaining a certain “purity” (which falls under racism), but they’re very proud of their heritage and its the one thing that keeps their culture going despite being one of the world’s most advanced countries.

Canada’s culture is hidden in lots of whiny hippie nonsense but its also pretty strong, especially in French Canada.

I should have added heritage sites and traditional villages to it.Its a mixture of many things which you don’t expect to find in the “Wazungu’s” world,yet they are there,contrary to our thinking that the Western world did away with their traditions and focussed on development.
Watch the second video,see the village set up,similar to ours here in Kenya.Amazing.I agree there are more countries with preserved cultures,the magnitude of the same may vary from one country to another.


hapa Kenya people are swearing they will not teach their children their Cultural language!

You dont need to know your language to be considered well-versed in your culture. There are very many third generation immigrants from countries in South America and Asia who live in the US and only speak English but they know their history, where they came from, how to cook their native foods etc better than children born in their native lands. Korean immigrants’ children in the US know more about a country they’ve never been to than the one they currently live and were born in.

In a country where some of us almost lost our lives because we didn’t speak a specific native language during PEV and sometimes during raids and robberies, it really isnt a proud bit of culture to hang on to. Also, our native language should be one the whole country can communicate in, so as long as kids are learning Swahili (and English) in school and at home, it’s all good.