Beat the high fuel prices by converting your hydrocarbon powered car to an EV

Not by a long shot. The cost of converting an ICE car to electric will be much much higher than the saving at the gas pump. And that is if you can get all the components (motors, inverters, batteries, misc electricals etc) cheaply into Kenya to start with

Jumping the pan into the fire. There is a reason they are converting landcruisers only at the moment. Hao ndio hutumia mafuta mingi to consider other options.

That’s what people said about roof solar panels. Now kenya power is trying to put caveats on solar panels

Landcruisers and Hiace because they have a ladder-frame chassis that can carry the weight of the fully assembled batterybox, and they have a lot of usable space through the undercarriage without affecting interior space.

Also, it doesn’t cost that much