Beasts Of A Bygone Era

1. Isuzu, Nissan Diesel, Mitsubishi, Layland Buses, DAF, Volvo
Back when we’re were young these were the only means on transport from remote villages to the city. These buses ferried all manner of goods ranging from bananas to live chicken.

Long distance buses were death traps. Huko Mombasa road ukiona hizo buses zimetoa kichwa Eti ni overtaking hata kama wewe ndio uko na right of way better get out of the way imalize overtaking and live to tell. Many lives were lost.

The engine was also housed in the same compartment as the driver and the passengers so in the event of an accident mnachomeka na maji ya radiator kama kuku ikitolewa manyoya.

We have come a long way my brothers.
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2. Nissan Urvan
Before Toyota dominated the 14 seater segment there was the Nissan Urvan and it’s cheaper cousin Nissan Caravan. Back then these were bought new as there were no ex Japan or Dubai cars.

3. Toyota Celica, Audi Quattro, Ford Focus, Subaru Legacy
These were the big names in The East Africa Safari Rally. Mitsubishi had their Gallant but didn’t impress much.

4. Fiat, Mercedes 1313, Scania 112M, Isuzu TX Di
TRue workhorses of the 70s and 80s. Some are still on the road to this day.
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Baba yao.



Italian monster. They are very much still in use in many towns in the Sahara desert. Inaendaga ikinyambanyamba realising compressed air

Hii hata melia alipwe pesa ngapi haezani nayo haezi endesha Kama ametoa Shati which was a requirement ila tu angenyamba nyamba tu badala ya hio Fiat kunyamba nyamba

Fiat na Mercedes the one with whiskers hizo zilikuwa trucks kweli ,dere huwezi nona juu ya kukamuwa hiyo steering wheel


Hii gari ni which make and model?

Kijana umesahau lorry za Isuzu direct injection aka Ndai


Ndiyo hiyo hapo number 4. Isuzu TX Di

Fiat 682N


Wewe… How could you leave out the Mercedes 911?

Unreliable junk.

Mercedes 911 and Mercedes 1313 are brothers.

Ni kama Toyota Fielder na Toyota NZE

Mtaani ilikua inaitwa “Ngamia”