Be vigilant guys...

Just imagine on a certain weekend you chips funga such…


Huyo ni pharmacy akiuuza rifarodi.

Pharmacy utomba mamako mlamba micoondur tag me like a man humbwer ghaseer

The uncircumcised ghaseer is non other than keypii ya kulialia @Jimit ondiero coronavirus ouma.

:D:D eeh!

Infact the Oguswemba is uncut…most probably is from Southern Africa

Oguswemba Dio nini hio:D:D:D:D

Homosexual @chap

homosexual @chap

Why ruin out minds with this post. Members it’s a guys pvts shown. Don’t watch.

Homosexual @chap


Ukichipo dem ukuwe sober


Amedungwa kisu?