Be Prepared

KENYA KWISHA is coming for your money…:D:D

Zakayo’s administration plans to raid taxpayers for an additional KES: 392.70 Billion and cut fresh borrowing to fund his first budget of KES: 3.6 Trillion for the year starting July 2023.

Documents tabled in the House last evening show that Kenya Kwanza’s administration’s first budget will expand by KES: 215.03 Billion compared with the current one prepared by its predecessor.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u projects ordinary revenue receipts — comprising taxes, levies, rent of buildings, fines and forfeitures— will rise 17.3 percent to KES: 2.57 Trillion.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) collections, which form the bulk of cash streams for the government , are forecast to grow to KES: 2.43 Trillion from the current target of KES: 2.04 Trillion for the year ending June.

The Treasury will be leveraging on increased use of data and linkages between KRA systems with third parties such as banks and mobile money platforms like M-Pesa to spy on taxpayers’ activities , use of Internet-enabled cameras at excisable goods processing plants and full rollout of digital electronic tax registers (ETRs) to grow revenue.

The Stupid regime is Called KULA KWANZA

Tūgeeges Tulipe Tax


What exactly will the KENYA KWISHA mob do with all that Revenue …???

Funding the activities of First Wives , First Daughters or buying Riggy Gee more Vehicles …???

Bure Kabisa …:mad::mad:

How much has KK team borrowed…just wondering