Be part of the experience

If you were a fan of safari 7s village, this is badder.


:D:D:D:D vile majamaa watamaliziwa salo huko

I always say this is where innovation and ideas lack for EABL’s marketing department. They should have taken this thing and made it their own kitambo.

The one hosted by Brew Bistro at the same location a few years ago was really good. They hyped it months ahead of time and rewarded every Ksh.100/- spent at their establishment with a “brew bistro buck” which you could then use to buy drinks at the Oktoberfest thing months later. Now that’s how you promote an event.

Also, alot of people who never used to drink beer started taking it because they had a wide variety and knowledgeable staff who helped you pick a brew that was suited to your tastes.

Wtf happened to Brew Bistro man?

Bistro Galleria closed
Bistro ngong road and westlands alive last time I checked

I bet the levels of ratchetry are out of this world though.

Sadness of life.

Hoes happened. Also, low esteem nyeuthis walifuata wazungu to wherever they follow them to, J’s at the time.

KRA and city county came calling… (eabl - cutting down competition)