ngoja wanakuja

Mlevi kidogo achome “bet”. Their days are numbered it wont be long now.

Number plate iko on display… they ain’t going nowhere.

looks like an envelope with cash

A good mitigation to this kind of break-in would be be to get the security window films.

They were on a mission to steal that gadget, they know the owner of the car and they knew he carries whatever they stole at backseat

apparently it was in Mombasa. Made away with 350k cash

Why would someone carry a lot of money and just leave it in the car?

Basi wacha afunzwe na ulimwengu. Unawachaje elfu mia tatu hamsini kwa kagari kama hako ata alarm hakuna. These are the motherfuckers who get themselves killed and leave broken families. At kubeba cash kila mahali kujiskia moto sana. People will kill for far less than 350k.

Hope hiyo gari haikuwa ya car hire, otherwise mwenyewe atajibu maswali kadhaa

Inaweza kuwa gari imeachwa kwa car wash mwenyewe akaenda kuchoma kilo

This is a very targeted heist. Maybe alifuatwa from bank or wherever.