Be extra careful

I don’t think I told you this guys but nowadays the person likely to be screwing your girl is her cousin. Don’t let your guard down just because it’s her cousin. Family ties doesn’t matter of late.

Before you start asking me for Hekaya you should know that I got very compromising texts between my ex and her cousin. That’s very long ago when I was young and nàive.

Meanwhile …

:eek::eek::eek: ex wako na cuzo?

Yes. I don’t know what happened but those text I saw were enough for me to dump her on the spot

hiyo suruali huyo mumama amevaa imenikumbusha hii parachute ya avril back in the day!


Screen chots can do better.

Have you screwed your cousin? In Klost kulikua na hii topic mbossss si watu wali fungua roho

Panya buku niaje?

^^^^ tulikuwa mwaka moja na Avril tho. alikuwa anafanya design, huyo dame mwingine alikuwa classmate.

may be an element of truth. even in laws, nimekulia sis in law chini ya maji four years now.

Hehehe. Never assume anything. That best girlfriend from high school or college she keeps yapping about could be your direct competitor on all fronts, including the literal one. Uliza mimi nimejionea mengi.

Poa sana man.

Not cool man. Blowback can be catastrophic.


Yea some neighbour of ours alikula cousin yake mwenye alikua anaishi kwao for over ten years. yaani ati walianza dame akiwa 12 hadi when she finished college at 24. Ilikuja ikajulikana but they didn’t care…I tried to rescue the situation but the lady didn’t stick with me for long…

Been three years tangu nisafishe rungu outside marriage na hio ujinga niliwacha.

Omwami expound hapo, you provided your bed kama shelter ama?

ulikuwa unajaribu kitu tricky sana.

background looks like poverty.

Trying to separate blood related pple who have thing is futile

Shes a very pretty lady so I did what every fisi would do and dated her for a few weeks but I stopped after I realized dude was still getting his slices.