Be aware.. its sooner...

@justus arent you embarassed defending this hebrew/arab thing among black africans?

Maybe you are embarrassed reading it but as for me am not defending their notion, am defending what I have practiced and it has worked for me! So my doubt is cleared thus have no reason to doubt that Jesus Christ is God who came in flesh and died on the cross then rose on the third day and He lives forever and ever…
He has worked miracles for me and has satisfied my desires so am not shy to confess that He is real and the Bible relates to our daily life and the new developments!
It says nothing is new under the sun! Therefore even the technology we think we have progressed so much now was even more before this!!! (Before the flood at time of Noah).
So try it out too and u will have fulfilment in your heart.

My advice to all is simple: just use your free time to seek for truth and the new developments on earth and how they relate to the teachings in various faiths!
Just ask God to help you discover the truth, and He is faithful and loving that He will grant your wishes.

BIBLE MP3 Android

If you are lazy in reading, then use that link to download an audio Bible where u can listen to bible verses in audio form in any language… You can even download the books to listen in your free time.
Instead of relying on what u hear, then just learn on your own!
Always start by discovering the roots of the faith/teachings and compare and contrast.
Be blessed.

I thought Jesus is the son of God?
And who told you its UN that controls the internet?

Firstly, Jesus is who He is to everyone depending on their level of understanding and their depth in spirit…

Secondly, read exactly what I written without having prejudged notions!!!
I said the UN is “Now” controlling internet… The word now means its not been the case in the past!
Internet has been a property of the USA but has been handed over to the UN effective Date 1st October, 2016.

The problem with many of us are just satisfied with the local news and don’t give a dime on what’s happening internationally…

How is governor 47 impeachment

Out of order. Out of topic.
There are threads for that elsewhere.
But am not surprised since you are the duke of busia meaning the guy just below the prince of busia…
Well, we are prince and princess’ of the kingdom of heaven.
Jesus Christ loves you brother.

Ok I understand. This “technology” that Noah had allowed him to repopulate the world and create various races. Eh kweni we are behind. Back then people could part sea’s walk on water and talk to burning bushes. Are we in 2016 living like cavemen?

Have u heard of fallen angels??


Thats the name they are branding them so that they can look more attractive…

Well, these beings have had their influence on this earth even long before. They have existed for millions of yrs and have knowledge that has propelled the earth since its creation.
The serious case of defilement with humans happened in the time of Noah when these beings took human wives and gave birth to giants…
These beings taught human all the hidden arts and forbidden knowledge! They performed cloning and homosexuality was rampant and more and more other things… God saw the plan of Lucifer to destroy mankind thus he ordered Noah to do what he did thus saving the genes that had not been infiltrated by those fallen ones! Note that fallen angels didnt die, only thier offsprings and humans.
Then after floods, mankind started all over again…

Thanks for the laugh. Hi hekaya iko moto. Which scripture is it from so that I may further entertain myself?

Go read your bible well, problem is that you only want to joyride even on your fate!
You can google the book, there are no handouts on this journey… U must show interest by searching for the truth on your own… Tafuta, soma then ask questions

hehe so the fallen angels had sex with humans and gave birth to giants? Did they have unicorns too ?

What did you just say? The bible is very clear on who jesus is! Why you trying so hard to confuse me?
Second of all who told you USA owned the internet? And please leta link on the handing over to the UN…

Really? Who exactly is Jesus’s of the bible? He is the same, only that the church has exalted him to God’s status.
But he’s the same in scripture.

Imam mahdi is not expected as a prophet in Islam just to clarify.
Muhammad peace be upon him was the last prophet.
Dajal will come around Imam mahdi’S time and will do much of what you’ve described about the anti Christ, then jesus will come and kill the dajal and clarify his (jesus) status as a messenger of God and not God as some churches claim him to be.

Oh! Unicorn is actually mentioned in the bible… Yes its there in the prophesies

look at you… I clearly stated that its according to your level of spiritual depth and understanding, you are clearly on the level of “He is the Son of God”, oh! Yes He is and that’s true… If u wanna understand more then seek and u shall find.
What was the work of the holy spirit? Maybe if u know His work u wouldn’t be wondering here…

Then my friend, sorry I will not spoon feed you like a baby on everything… You can look it up… Its not in the bible (internet handing over).
Check it out on international news channels and kutojua sio ujinga, ujinga ni kujifanya unajua then start arguing on everything even on things that just require you to be creative and search…
Who owned the internet then? Since u know it was not the USA!

Please! Spare me your chorus… Its boring and typical ignorance!

Let’s be simple:
Difference btwn Jesus and Isa,

  • Jesus Christ is the son of God while
    Isa is not the son of Allah since allah can’t beggot or be begotten
  • Isa is a prophet lower than several other prophets according to Muhammad when he was taken to heaven, while
    Jesus is not a Prophet, prophet Isaiah calls Him, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace, wonderful counselor… Not the church bro
  • Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose on the third day, while Isa never tasted death as Allah explains.
  • Jesus is building a place in heaven then He will come collect His flock to go live with Him while Isa has nothing of the sort…
  • the name Jesus in Arabic language is not Isa, its Yasuh… So Isa is just an Islamic figure impersonating christ

Those are just a few which clearly does not require to be a genius to see the major differences even in their works!
Koran comes about 600AD (after death of Christ) meaning people were relying on other sources in regard to teaching of Jesus Christ, even Muhammad was called a prophet by his uncle who was a follower of “dini ya vitabu vingi” (Christianity) and that’s how they learnt that the guy in the cave was gibril… While he Muhammad said to his wife “nahofia nafsi yangu kuchezewa na majini” so he thought it was jinns that were messing with him until the uncle relates the incident to the bible and names the guy a prophet visited by Gabriel (gibril)

Get it straight, Even Allah is not God of the Christianity… Get your facts straight