Be aware.. its sooner...

If she is a hoe, she is a hoe!!
What u have a problem with is not the statement, its the fact that u can’t handle truth!
You don’t read, you don’t read… That’s not racist… It’s a way of life bro

if only you knew!

Then why have a problem with calling a spade a spade??
In scriptures, God says " my people perish due to lack of knowledge "!!
If God Himself knows that lack of knowledge is a bad thing, then why you?
How can u obtain knowledge if not by seeking it!!??

Fairy tales. For me I view the Bible as a moral guide but I refuse to believe in all the stories written there. Science fiction is nothing compared to biblical tales hehe

People have been expecting the Antichrist’s for hundreds of years. If you believe in the Bible you shouldn’t waste your time wondering when he will come because only God knows. It could be tomorrow or in 2000 years to come.

Yeah! Just like a man who says “I love water but I hate rivers and rain”
Great, may God remember your soul when He is touching and rescuing others.

Don’t involve me on your acid trips, you hopeless, hopeless, dolt!

Hope so too. Believing in God and believing in a book that has been altered for centuries are two different things.

Aaaaaaah!!! I’ve also dispared

People who are ignorant of the bible’s teachings speak exactly like you… As if the bible was just issuing vague general statements… Read the book, wacha kuskiza za watu… Several things must have come to pass before the guy comes…
Few years ago, if u could tell someone that they can’t buy or sell without a certain number they wouldn’t have believed its possible… But with technology now we are going cashless, all your details including bank a/c details and medical history are placed in a rice - size chip which can be placed in your ski… Thus buying will only require a simple scan by a computer… And you still think the Antichrist story and the number of the beast stories are far fetched!!!

And does your perfection in using profanities make u a hero??
Or does it just display your level of ignorance and intolerance!!
Judge upon thee, yourselves

26 yrs ago nikiwa 1 yr old niliskia anti christ amefika hadi waleo he/she/it keeps evolving.

Typical doctrine of the lost…
If the bible has been altered, please avail to me the initial version that was perfect that u read from that makes u believe it was altered in the past centuries… Plz do


Brethren, stop lying to yourself and to others. We can clearly all see that you have been lost all along and u just found a comfortable ground where u can finally spit it out!
May our Lord and Master remember you too.

For starters just google how many different versions of the Bible there are.

If you have been reading my replies, then u must have come across the statement where I explained that there are certain requirements that need to be met before he comes… They are underway and that’s why he hasn’t come yet!
To be honest, some Christians just love or enjoy scaring others! This guy is yet to come but he at the closest since a lot has happened already that was to happen… Like one of the guys here said! We don’t know when, but we can judge by events that Jesus explained in Mathew 24.

Do u even understand why there are different versions yourself?? Clearly u don’t…
And its just within the last decade that the versions have increased but since u know nothing of the bible then u will see it as a bad thing!!
For the believers, its written that such must come to pass near the end times! But the end is not yet bro…

So why do those christians scare us?

Knowledge is power… And whoever has knowledge has power over those who dont! The difference comes on how u use the power…
Jesus Christ says " verily I say to you, not all that call me Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven"
So just take those as part of the flock that still need redemption