Be aware.. its sooner...

Most people when they hear about Antichrist they picture an evil guy who will be very hard to like… Too bad they don’t know that He will be the most attractive guy and a charmer… Scriptures say many will follow him due to his looks!

Well, let’s get to the current reality:

  • Christians (most) are expecting Jesus to come back soon like a thief!
  • Jews are expecting the Messiah to come soon too to save them!
  • Muslims are expecting a great prophet even greater that his predecessors named Imam al mahdi!
  • Buddhists are waiting upon the next Dalai lama!
  • Atheists are expecting God to prove his existence to them so that they can follow!!

All these people are waiting upon a spiritual leader who will come to make their life better or expand their territories or even affirm their beliefs!! Guess who is coming???
The Antichrist! Yes exactly that.
Scriptures say:
He will unite the world,
Perform miracles (even bring fire from the heavens and raise the dead),
He will claim to be God and to be worshipped,
He will be all to all!
He will rule the earth in one religion…
That’s when people of the earth will say “look! We have been all waiting for the same person… We are all one and let’s all join hands thus creating one religion”
Its all true story folks, look at what is happening abroad, I mean in the western civilizations, worship of one true God is becoming restricted, in case u haven’t heard: internet is now controlled by the UN which is the body tasked in uniting the world for this fellow!
The New World Order is being put to practice.

My fellow believers in Christ, do not dispare for the Lord Jesus Christ is with us till the end.
The number of the beast will be something very attractive and most of the people will give in willingly… Look at how they are now monitoring everything, cameras all over, everything is moving to biometric identification, cashless society… Wah!
I am writing this to all Christians and to other non believers, do not be swayed or lied to or tricked to worshipping this guy who is coming, our Lord Jesus Christ will not return until this guy rules for 42months… (The scriptures say so)…Be ready for tribulations, keep praying and washing away your sins with the blood of Jesus Christ… Our God is faithful and He will take care of us.
Its not too late for the non believers, Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and Life… He cares and loves you… Just accept Him and you will be a new being!

Questions and comments in regard to this subject and faith in general are welcomed.
Do not feel Shy on Lord and He will not Be shy on you when time comes.
Thank you.


Kawaida… The word of God is upuzi kwa wanao potea Bali ni nguzo na nguvu kwa walio wake…
So am not surprised with your opinion


Thanks bro. May God bless u and strengthen you at that difficult time.

@justus you must surely know @Atheismo who left this .com village for another village called but he still lurks in the darkened footpaths here at night. Tafuta yeye muongee tafadhali…

He will see the light one day, God has a plan for all of us!
For those who are not so lost, they will realize that the guy is not genuine and refuse him! But it won’t be a walk in the park, its gonna be a choice of denying Christ Jesus and worship the guy or get beheaded, that’s when others will choose worshipping and remaining alive!
Lucky are the beheaded ones for they will have a special place in the kingdom of Heaven.

Thanks for your post but it would be better if we had your own opinion rather than of others…

the biggest scam of all time is religion

Muslims are waiting for Jesus too, just letting you know, in Islam, Jesus is greater than Imam Mahdi.

Yeah! Because you have closed your mind to understanding!
They say if you want to hide anything from a black man, just put it in books! I didn’t believe it but people like you make that statement to have a meaning

Ofcoz, to come and marry… Well, Christians are waiting for Him to come and marry but not the marriage you think, its marriage to His Bride (the church)

Note that Muslims are also expecting Dajal too… The Isa of Islam is not Jesus Christ of the Bible… Please don’t confuse the two


congratulations for your honesty in displaying ignorance!
But am grateful that you took time to reply, that’s a step in the right direction.

This statement irks me to no end. it is racist, patronizing and demeaning. And some people will quote anything that sounds clever; even if it says their mother is a hoe. I am done here Sir.