Be a Brother's Keeper


Yesterday at around 6:45pm, I received a call from a new number. The moment I touched the green key, the first word the caller pronounced was my name, an indication that they knew me very well. I din’t recognise the voice so I begged to know them first. Actually he was my highschool classmate and long time friend. He asked me where I reside in Nairobi, and I was free to tell him. The next statement was “wase omwami ndikho stranded thika road ano, mweshimiwa akhurerire kasarani mala lusimu lwewe lufwana lwawelemo kumulilo, onyala wambakho accomodation samwene khepange muchuli?” Baaas, nikajua ni #team_mbekhombekho.
I humbly gave him direction to where I live, but then he said he had no single cent, so nimtumie mia kwa m-pesa. I told him to take a piki piki to my place, nitalipa.
After like 30 mins, he called me and told me “omwami nolile akorofa ya green niyolomile”
I told him to give me 5mins as I rush to pick him. THAT IS THE MOMENT I SWITCHED OFF MY PHONE and walked to my nearest club and ordered a cold GK kutoa stress after bitterly witnessing the inauguration. Nimefungua tu simu saa hii.
Ngoja ni delete hizi notification messages za “I tried to call you” narudi.


Predictions zikwom fasta fasta kabla line up iwekwe…

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Ehh wasee, huyo jamaa ni msilu saana. Po, hebu nipe glasi ya chang’aa nitoe stress.

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can only imagine the predicament that befell him.

Kama hautaki kusaidia mtu si unasema tu.



Kwani ilikuwa wewe?

Cut + paste my comment too

Hii Nairobi wanaume hupitia mengi, heri uambie mtu ukweli that you are not in a position to help than lie to them for social media likes


Typical NASA brother right there. What does the swearing in have to do with that poor soul. On top of his obvious problems he now has a motor bike rider to sort out. Just pathetic.

Probably the most grown up thing I’ve ever heard from you.

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boss i think you are made from the finest bullshit and among fools you come in the first order shenzi sana watu kama wewe wanafaa kifunywa hizo boi ndio aki msizaane mtuongezee mafala kwa hizi street.i can tell you for free that guy wont die atatoboa tu mwanaume ni noma,na wewe ni likes tu utapata.brarre siet

Can’t blame you, at times I find myself accepting proposals or being asked for favors by people but after a rethink I find myself not going through with it despite having accepted at first.
Am sure it also happens to lots of people.

:D:D:D Me nlisoma mahali nka lift nkaleta hapa brare siet to you too

That was cruel of that guy kumfanyia a former schoolmate hivo unless kulikuwa ma kisasi na yeye.

Post acceptance clarity sio?

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