BCG & The Tropics Saving Africans From COVID19

The combination of these two has so far saved Africans from the ravages of COVID 19.

wacha bonobi zi anguke wacha ufala:D

Well Ecuador is been ravaged by covid19…same weather, same policy on BCG. Something else is keep the motherland on low numbers… Or our time is coming. The low numbers are a question on it’s own.

We are immune. Our hardened genes, eating natural foods, ignoring the urge to treat minor ailments and the traditional belief that Africans are tough is paying off. Believe me that this thing is not going to kill many Africans. Even the black Americans are being affected because of poor feeding habits they have in the west, coupled with the harsh climate

If we pass the June- July cold in the tropics without any dent…boss nitakuwa on your side, sitakupinga tena.

Ravaged, you say?

Actually even now, some parts of Africa have moderate to cool temperatures but they are not yet seriously affected. Besides, by that time, we might have acquired herd immunity

Ecuadorians are not negroes, they are Hispanics just like Spaniards

inasemekana around kendo june hapo ndio tunaeza anza kuimba na saprano…wacha tuhope si ukweli

They are not believing that Africans have naturally resisted this thing with all our poverty. It is paining them hard.

:D:D…wacha tungoje kemri in one months time watakuwa wamepima wangapi

I believe that by next week, all those currently in quarantine will have been tested

Ni maombi


Why all those months away? The climb in mortality in Europe was within weeks. Anyway, lots of people have been holding their breath waiting to report their usual news about Africa. And even if all goes well, they will find away to take credit away from Africa as they concentrate on pessimistic predictions of Africans future… oh their economies will never recover…oh they might have escaped Chinese virus death but face starvation death…etc etc.

sad truth…

Spaniards and Hispanics are different races of people. For someone who hates blacks, you can’t even tell the difference between your masters

Wocuru niaje

Wamahiga ti kùru.

Chifu, can’t you see what this guys are doing?.. we were here BY FEB!! then moved here BY APRIL!!! then moved here BY END OF APRIL!! and now, we are here BY JUNE/JULY!!