Too much meat for my 4*6 bed

all I see is a bunch of hippopotamuses

The name hippopotamus means ‘river horse’ and is often shortened to hippo. The hippopotamus is generally considered the third largest land mammal (after the White rhinoceros and elephant). Hippopotamuses spend a large amount of time in water such as rivers, lakes and swamps.

@uwesmake kujia chakula yako

and in Ktalk posts too

NOO pass

HUJUI vitu tamu wewe

This fascination people have with these mammoths is astonishing. Enyewe we say kila mtu n.a. kopo lake lakini this is some bilauri shyiettt. Empowering these hippos issa NO!

number 3 essy tuma mimi number

Men who marry bbws are the happiest.she can never stray


Utamu tu!!

shida ni kuma kunuka. All the fatsos i’ve bomoad had smelling puthy. Ata wakioga bado zinasmell

and why would you think so Professor!!!

kwenda nunua king size bed,apana lala kwa baby cot,blal fwakin

too many cats with tic tac deeks that can’t handle mega trucks

Those hippopotamuses…are from Amar,Good hope & Kericho East danguros


Nimetomba number 2 (ambaye pia yupo kwa kile kipicha kidogo kwa nguo nyekundu), 3 na 6