BBQ Getting Ready for Our D-

Naenda Haiti next week kama Commanding Officer Sublenya Speshoo 4-skins tutafute tender ya hizi BBQ grill juu D- walinyima tender ya body bags

Kaka bratha, I am sorry but you are gravely mistaken about Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier. Let us look at his profile:

  1. Former police officer fired from the force for engaging in violent crimes.
  2. Accussed of participating in at least 3 massacres (Grande ravine, la saline, bel air massacres)
  3. Nicknamed “Barbecue” for allegedly burning people in their houses.
  4. Self appointed leader of G9 gangster coalition whose main source of revenue is extortion(protection money), ransom from kidnapping and theft.
  5. Sabotaged key government infrastructure (e.g oil terminal creating shortages in the city)
  6. Broke out violent criminals from prison to create chaos and destabilise the govt.
  7. Openly threatened GENOCIDE on the people of haiti if he does not have his way with ousted prime minister Ariel Henry.

And what’s the difference between the kikuyu mau mau generals? They did this word for word and we praise then for securing our freedom


Read this book, you’ll see how brutal Mau Mau were to their own people

Did you even read what I posted ama umekimbia kurusha jibu?

I did, and BBQ and friends are freedom fighters

So because Barbecue has attached himself to a bogus freedom fighting charade, he is now sanitized? Has his criminal group extorting, kidnapping and killing Haitians been disbanded?

Even maumau needed resources to keep the fight alive and they got them from plundering from their people. what was good for maumau is good for BBQ.

So some American dude told jambass, go tell your people this is a righteous warv that you are waging against BBQ to save your fellow dark skinned brothers? The same UN that gave cholera to Haiti they’ve never recovered from? And suddenly ni God ameambia jambass to save Haiti?

I see. So when Barbecue was working as president Moise’s enforcer, who was the colonizer? What was the justification for his extortion, looting and plunder then? Also, why is a mission that aims to stop these atrocities being branded a bad thing? Are we saying the citizens of Haiti would prefer to be extorted, looted and plundered by Barbecue than have Kenyan police in their country? Do you oppose this mission because you genuinely believe it will not benefit the Hatians or because you just hate Ruto?

This is an American instigated mission, funded primarily by them. If Haiti is so important to them strategically, why not send their better trained, funded and equipped boots on the ground? Is it because it’s an election year for them? Is it that it’s unpalatable to their populace to engage directly in another war?
What are Kenya’s strategic interests in Haiti again? Why isn’t Kenya standing up to go save Syrians in Aleppo, or provide aid to Gaza? Ama God hasn’t spoken to jambass about them?


hope cannibal gang will handle the cleanup because fwaack D- :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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Nilisikia human meat tastes like chicken

Dedan Kimathi fought for the British in world war 2. He was discharged because he was a drunk.

I can’t quite get your angle. Because what if Bbq wasn’t involved. Would you be so emotional that our D- is going in?
Because I bet you were not emotional when D- went to rescue Sierra Leone. Or when they went to rescue Liberia. Because they were in worse shape than Haiti.

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**Maumau were scared of white people. **
They only killed 200 British people. in 50 years of insurgency.

BBQ can skewer our 200 D- mpaka watoroke kama wabeberu

No chance against NATO. He is holed up in two streets. He can’t even walk out of them. Rival gangs will kill him.

CNN hawajakushow they are uniting kupiga D-

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Bbq death warrant has been signed. Ambia contact wako kwa ground CHANGE IS COMING.

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BBQ is fighting for a cause, our D-will be slaughtered for a paycheck ako tayari kushuka nao wote

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I’ll put it bluntlly, because as ethical human beings we are compelled to be honest with ourselves: You have no moral authority to invade Haiti. The people there have not invited you, they have stated clearly that they don’t want you on their streets, but you are inviting yourselves, so don’t expect bouquets and smiles. This is not about one man, BBQ just happens to stand out because he is visible as a leader of a confederation of fighting factions. When you want to destroy a person, it’s normal to criminalize his everything and call him a gangster. The question is, it it your country so you make rules for them? By what authority do you decide he is a criminal, yet the person who invites you there is himself out of power and extended that call when people had already rejected him? Does it mean might is right? Read history. Do you know that anyone who has ever opposed an repressive regime has always been labelled a criminal, even though the laws being used to criminalize him are never made by both sides, or mutually accepted? Even Mandela was dubbed a terrorist by the apartheid regime. They didn’t steal 27 years of his productive life because he was a nice guy.
So all these stories of BBQ being this and that are western propaganda. Not that I’m saying he’s good, I’m saying you cannot take this on face value without sifting through a lot of information. Events in Haiti have been out of control for so long because of foreign interference you cannot convince anyone whoever is planning this means well. It’s all a legitimized power grab. That talk of saving sijui Haiti’s women and childten can only appeal to ignorant high school kids. They are the ones who might see a noble gesture where I see absolute evil.