BBQ Getting Ready for Our D-

Why am I feeling some sort of kihappiness BBQ akitayarisha grill yake for our D- yani nabubujikwo @Simiyu22


@Stormtrooper98 is waiting anxiously to feel the hard butt of a vibrating MKII digging painfully into his shoulder as he lies on his belly high up on a grassy ridge beyond the city limits. Very soon, his philosophy of proving his manhood by war will be challenged, because he mocks peace builders, and calls them cowards. He will be sweating, snorting, pissing and shitting on himself, as the gunfire gets closer. His hands will be tired and hot from hugging the heavy machinegun, from pulling the trigger, and continuously wrestling against the recoil. What he doesn’t know is that as soon as his head is blasted into a hundred small pieces of flesh and bone, no one will care what he ever believed in.
Stormtrooper is typing furiously…


Our D materials zitaenda huko na zile long G3 guns zenye ukwama wakishootiana na kina @johntez_addi_gaza_ms pale downtown.
And sometimes @johntez_addi_gaza_ms manages kill some with his smith&wakoli bistol. D will find it had huko kwa berbercue


Pia @Stormtrooper98 ni D-?

Poor sod
@Kanguthi Wanatumia criteria gani kuwa select?
Kuna polisi bizzzch azz nicca aliniibia pale nje ya Jiweke Tavern zamani nataka kuharibia maisha

I don’t know, maybe a mercenary. What I know is he was recently very excited about shipping out there, like he had been invited for nyamchom. He is simply seduced by the idea of earning green paper, which he might never spend in this life, nor the next.


Kenyan D- are the most useless people to ever stroll the great land that is kenya. Most if not all are criminals!


Banange! I have never said I am a D Minus! All I said is those who want to go for the mission should be allowed to do the mission. The enemy is poverty first, and Barbeque second.

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Politics and greed create enemies by design. Poverty in Haiti has been created and perpecuated for decades by foreign meddlers. Barbecue is not their enemy, he is a person fighting off foreign invaders from his home. They are the ones creating that narrative, because of being paid to advance someone else’s agenda, that of excluding him and other locals from enjoying any fruits of the political settlement being concocted. If someone attacks your country, ostensibly to show you how to govern yourselves, you have every right to fight him, and kill him. This is why you do not fault Mau Mau for routing colonial invaders from England, everyone today understands why they did it. Don’t expect any less on this one, whatever politically correct but laughable narrative of brotherhood they want to peddle. No one believes that balderdash. The only true law of nature is self preservation, and that’s God given. All man-made laws are subservient to it.

Na nikiambia @Simiyu22 BBQ ndio General Kimathi maumau wa Haiti all he does ni kusema CNN imeniambia…


There are educated people in the village who seem to put brakes on their thinking because they want to please people who are obviously insensitive to the heartbeat of humanity. Perhaps someone pays them to support absurdities against their better judgement, coz honestly anyone who has some understanding of issues cannot be so blind. I expect @Simiyu22 to know better.

What do you expect kutoka mtu anaonanga don lemon na cnn?

Anakuwa mtu wa kuconsume propaganda tu, na asiposoma na kusikiza alternative news blogs, ataona kama kila kitu ni clear cut. Akiambiwa @Ngimanene-Na-matharo ni terrorist ana uwezo wa kumaliza kila mtu na nuclear weapons anamini bila question.

Generally, if you’re one of those .ke nyeuthi happily anticipating the very possible horrible fate our Kenya police brother and sisters are expected to meet in Haiti, it clearly confirms you are a kawaida programmed small minded nyeuthi that is totally unable to see the bigger picture.

i.e Kenya/Ruto being forced to send Kenya police (against our national best interests) to Haiti and Kenya/Ruto has to obey for fear of “consequences” if Kenya/Ruto refuse.

Mimi sifichi, I am more than happy for our D- to be fried by BBQ on his grill. What business do we have meddling in their mau mau version? Ama unafikiria our mau mau were very nice to their villagers? You either cooperated with them or you were killed, what’s different with what BBQ is doing?

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What about the whole issue of western powers specifically US using poor .ke nyeuthi police to advance US interests among other poor exploited Caribbean nyeuthi ?

Its not GOK or Ruto that decided D- go there !

But don’t we have a gullible president who will do anything for white man’s approval? There are ways of dilly dallying and filibustering this if he chose to

Many straight Kenyans who have gone through the deliberate corrupt and inhumane system ya D-s feel good when they fall, especially in a painful way.
I know D- watakaangwa proper but i support waende, may be it can bring some sense to those left behind to serve kenyans through comments when utilized body bags begin to land back home.

Youll be super surprised to find out that Ruto gave that suggestion in the first place. He is always very eager to kiss his master’s ass. I believe that Ruto approached the CIA first

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Who told Ruto to sell his soul for the presidency? We were not there with him. Abebe mzigo wake.

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See, sio kila siku tunapigana. We can actually see :eyes: to :eyes: on somethings. I support this