BBI Will Be Back - Uhuru!

As we have always predicted, BBI will be forced down our throats like MalaraQuin… Uhuru has said so!

That president is a fool that acts as if he has no intelligence services. He says that bbyai was popular and was stopped by a few judges. Does he not know how unpopular the damn document was hata they had to bribe mca’s with bribes just to pass it at the assemblies. Had it come to us wananchi this fool would have been so ashamed. Ni kama intelligence wanamdanganya

Uhuru is a foolish drunkard

Commissioner … bloody burukenge … utajifunza kuheshimu CIC.

That’s the plain truth

Uhuru is a puppet of some very evil Foreign powers

It is the easiest thing to rig it since we know that voting is nonsense in Kenya… the same way they want to push down RAO down our throats next year… I will still vote for Mudavadi or Mwalimu Dida whoever explains things well (if they vie)… And we all know that the Supreme Court is 150% puppet of the Deep Shit…


Tupatane kwa debe…


Its not easy to rig something these days of court cases. It was in kanu era but not today

Now we know that it has been forgone conclusion that BBI is dead after being killed by the High Court and the COA, and now it will be resurrected by the SCORK… Why are you doubting that the SCORK will support a rigged election?

When did you learn this?

First of all we cannot be 100% sure that it will be revived by the supreme court. The legal arguments that brought it down are compelling. Also, the presidents criticism of the judiciary’s independent rulings does not help matters. The judiciary wants to assert its independence. Hii mambo dynasty walidhani ni rahisi sasa wanashangaa. Walisahau hatuko kanu era

He is afraid of facing the judiciary from September 2022 as an ordinary citizen.
He wants to stick to power for immunity purposes.

We shall revisit!.

I just confirmed

From the look of things, SCORK does not seem to be that pro-mwananchi but 100% pro-System… so, I bet that hey will pass it, no matter how awkward it appears… or do you think Kamwana just said it will be back without knowing this? I thought we had all forgotten it…

Kamwana says a lot of things always. Yours is mere speculation so lets wait and see.

It is informed speculation… search for my posts on this matter…

Still null and void