BBI: Warning shot fired!

I know this has been posted but hey! Good news are rare in +254. Let’s toast and dance. We are taking our country back from them.


I hear rumours that dynasties have lost all MCA seats that were being contested in central Kenya.

It’s just about time!

BBI chieth must fall! @BBIsiMuhimu

Ata kama konyagi angesimama in one hangepita…
That’s the truth on the ground

Soon utawasikia kina Sifuna na Badi wakisema,tuliambia baba kushikana na Uhuru ni hasara,ona sasa,mwenye macho haambiwi tazama.Uliza watu wa Central ndio ujue Uhuru ni bure.
Sasa baba ataamini if the by-election outcomes is anything to go by

Extremely tired

Hivi ndivyo tutanyorosha hio document ya conmen calling themselves dynathieves.

Niaje mzito


Bbi must fall, but going from the results I doubt kama uhuru will go with the referendum, he’ll just delay the process till 2021 is almost over,
also from now on , uhuru will now become lame duck, folks especially politicians with ambition will take him on especially on propaganda. expect alliance shifting., Kwanzaa sonko akitoboa kesho.

this BBI is just nonesense

Jubilee Kitaeleweka lost all seats in central. Yet there are people who think RÀT will get even one vote there courtesy of handcheque. That is DP Uncle Ruto stronghold.


Joho alikuwa alikuwa amejipiga kifua.

Kudos to msambweni people. That is what we will do to bbi early in the morning

This was the last NAIL kwa BBI, hata sisi pro BBI hatuna nguvu tena, hatuna uwezo, tumekubali

It really beats logic why anyone would support BBI. What is in it for Kenya? Nothing…Absolutely nothing!

Cheza Juu is feeling hopeful.

I have always argued ODM is not the ODM of 2006.But they brag like it is.Hawaskizi anyone.

When you see someone like Joho standing tall as the coast kingpin,it’s because he is standing on the shoulders of other supporters,but ODM has been destroying those shoulders and bragging Baba akisema ni tosha.Stop underrating Aisha jumwa and others,also in western,oparanya alone hawezi,you need other busy bodies too.

Ni hayo Tu Kwa sasa,naona tunaeza angusha bibiyai sasa,I had given up jameni

Why are you suprised with Kenyans? arent Kenyans the same people that elected the dyanmic duo thrice?

Aisha jumwa na moha are potential coastal kingpins.


breastfeed baba initiative version 4 is loading. Now they know nikubaya. Expect them to make further changes in the hope to pacify the huge majority against it. Then expect them to credit President Uhuru for his “wisdom” to see fit to make those changes in his quest to “unite” Kenyans.

Win-win itawezekana - DP Uncle Ruto 2020

Also note: If…if… there is any referendum to be done it to be done concurrently with general elections 2022.

BBI ni nini? Kindly elaborate ?