BBI Supreme Court prediction

Now that BBI is headed to supreme court. Here is my prediction on how each judge will rule
Smokin Wanjala- uphold court of appeal ruling
Isaac Lenaola -uphold court of appeal ruling
Philomena Mwilu- uphold court of appeal ruling
William Ouko-uphold court of appeal ruling

Martha Koome- side with deep state and set aside court of appeal ruling
Njoki Ndungu -side with deep state and set aside court of appeal ruling
Ibrahim Mohammed -side with deep state and set aside court of appeal ruling

The BBI appeal shall fail on 4-3

Pin this for future reference when supreme court makes a determination on the same

Wacha niekelee bet side ya deep state

Going to the supreme court is just a side show to keep the people busy guessing while the criminal leadership fine tunes other 2022 strategies.

The AG is not going to appeal against the whole of the CoA Judgements. He’s simply going to appeal 3 items

This one, I agree with the Deep Shit! BBI advocates will rule the day…unfortunately!

Deep shit watamwaga pesa huko Kwa sufuria goats hii takataka ipite.

Hivi ndio mnajipea hopes?

:D:D:D did you watch interview ya uhuru with a group of journalists? You guys celebrated early and told you no way a sitting president will fail in Africa… haya ndio hii…

I have been anti-BBI all the time… I still am! But i bet that is the reason the intentionally allowed the appeal to fail so that they can control the appeal and judgement at the SCORK which is certainly pro-system now! I expect the ruling in favour of the deep shit in September… Search my posts… All I know is that the system has taken us to the mid 80s of dictatorship and they will achieve their evil plans BY FORCE! My only question is: once SCORK rules in their favor, what happens next? Do we have referendum before elections in '22 or will they use this to negotiate with the RAOs. Kalonzos, Wetas and GMs group and hold the referendum after elections so as to divide the spoils amongst themselves as per pre-election agreements registered at the High Court/ ORPP?

And you wonder why you’ve been supporting baba since 1982 yet still no success in sight. Kwa ujinga wako wote kabisa kuna vile unaona BBIchieth will somehow win?

I’ll be here with you

BBY will still fall. There is no remotest chance of it going through, take this to KWFT uko kwakina @uwesmake

I agree with the logical legal reasoning… but the system that is behaving like we are in the 80s will force it through… they WILL WIN! Mark this post!

There is no way BBI can be revived. I can bet on this. The court of appeal upheld 17 judgments made by the high court. For BBI to be revived it will have to take all those 17 judgments upheld by court of appeal to be set aside. Thats is a good dream to dream about. Besides that Judges have personal interest in this matter. They will not allow Judiciary Ombudsman meant to discipline them to be revived or have any chance at all.
Other than that the Supreme Court is under no pressure or obligation to rule in favour of BBI given that its proponents have moved on and Uhuru has less than one year in office. The pressure is also not on them given that BBI has already suffered two deaths already.
And to sum it up all…Attorney General is not appealing all judgements made by court of appeal but just three of them. That best tells you why BBI is dead and buried. Only those fantasizing about deep state mythological magical powers are awaiting its resurrection

Let us wait for the actual appeal then we can conclude this. We heard that Baba will not appeal the COA ruling… why is Paul Mwangi and Junet even discussing this? If indeed the Appeal does not touch on the critical BBI issues, we can close the issue. Do you think they are appealing for nonsense sake? just to feel good that they won a few clauses here and there and not the core of the BBI issues?

The fool in brown already sees the big thud they will face and is already laughing at himself and his fellow fools

BBI appeal is a decoy to keep itumbi and his pigs busy,

[ATTACH=full]382577[/ATTACH]Chess pieces

Paul Mwangi anakula pesa ya baba. The shiny smile tells it all.

My prediction without caring what the merits of the case are: 1. Koome 2. Njoki 3. William Ouko will support BBI… as a matter of certainty. Just looking for 1 pro-system judge and that’s all!!