bbi si muhimu

no talks about bbi but cactus.

this plant has so many uses, a big chunk of kenya counties are in asal regions where this plant can be of great use, even to eliminate hunger, it can be eaten. agriculture is a devolved function asal counties should be championing for more revenues so that they can pump more money into research especially agriculture so that in the near future, they can equally fund the central government but , they want more revenues to loot.
cactus is eaten in mexico, yet we import maize from mexico. Also it has numerous health benefits, the asal counties can monetize them

even if the species that is endemic in kenya is poisonous , they can simply import the mexican species, even maize was not originally grown in kenya.

sahi they are making leather from cactus.,were%20exposed%20to%20animal%20cruelty .


Kenyans are venturing into diverse agriculture lately. Mambo ya maize and beans and dairy farming is being avoided.
I would give this plant a try if I had access to it’s seedlings or seeds.


Naonerea @Yunomi aka @BBIsiMuhimu apatiwe seeds, seedrings, shoots, saprings, prunings or any kind of nashoro prant cover apeleke Rumuruti.

this plant is all over , even in parts of naks, nahuko baruti, you can’t miss it in rift and upper eastern

Mtumie mbegu tafadhali. Kwa paperbag kama hii :

Na bei isipite Kshs. 20,000!


Good to know.

Isn’t this plant extremely invasive ! ime harakisha watu huko laikipia mbaya , kills live stock and wildlife too

Laikipia? How … how interesting.

There are two varieties of cactus. The one with the broad leaf and the narrow one. The latter is quite invasive and poisonous to livestock. The former is less invasive and it’s fruit is edible.