BBI ni meffi

Why should 2 men with 4 balls decide what 47m people should discuss?

Is it because they are billionaires and sons of the founding fathers of this nation?

We have a great constitution that was very expensive to make and was brought about by a lot of consulting amongst millions of kenyans together with some of the best and very sane legal minds in kenya. Not these greedy,rich and selfish men in the bbi committee who have looted this country since they were in their 30s.

The dynasty duo should spare kenyans their egos and self entitlement. Kenya sio ya mama zao.

The constitution we have has a cure to all our illnesses

Kilpa-Trick :smiley:

Hehehe am not tricky like the Duo tricksters who have been outwitted by a new billionaire they created

Yule mama Gladys Shollei talked a lot of sense today.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Summary
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]The MP maintains that the recommendations of the BBI report are things that can be solved by existing institutions, which have instead neglected their mandates.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]when they came up with Katiba 2010 they told us it will solve all these problems that BBI is now intending to solve

In pursuit of very selfish personal gains, they have misused all the tools the constitution gave us to treat our sicknesses read dci, dpp, eacc, nis, kdf etc

Now they want to create other tools and offices to continue with the looting

If BBI was being championed by anyone other than Raila, first and foremost, it would be dead on arrival. Uhuru and his ilk know they can rely on RAO’s cult-like following to force their agenda. Kenya is in this whole mess because Raila is untouchable.

Not this time round. RAO is playing with a scorpion that is not afraid to sting unlike konyagi who’s used to armed security since birth

Kenya is not in a mess thank you very much. We are building bridges, :Dbrainstorming, It’s quite peaceful, We are busy trying to clean house we are generally enjoying the handshake… there is a whole lot to do but we are on the right track it may be a clumsy start but there is no reason to despair.

‘A Kenyan would not know a revolution if it him on the head.’ Evinduvichenjanga.

Am not talking about revolution. Am talking about the hate btwn arror and tinga. It’s something very dangerous. Both can easily call for the deletion of the other.

They share nothing in common. One was born into peasantry the other in royalty

Do not stretch your concepts further than they can meaningfully go. Peasantry is not a qualification for a good president or even a good person. That Odinga was born in royalty is a sick joke.

Forget the bbi