bbi haina support


How we use our votes will determine the feature of this country


Utashangaa sana kura ya pro BBI ikihesabiwa bomas wapate imeshinda by 90% landslide.

We cannot stop talking about the durammas tuliona leo. BBI/Kenya iko na wenyewe. Mtukufu Rais Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, His Excellency Ex Prime Minister whatever his name is…and all our Guv’nors. Nyinyi wengine you are on your own kabsaaaaaaaaaa.

Lazima we change the katiba ok? to include all of us…sawa?

Nimesema na nitasema @BBIsiMuhimu


Yes, at Kinoru stadium I said that Uhuru will NOT hand over power to a thief, please be cautious to my words I’ve said he “will not” I’ve not said he “would not wish to”. What I mean is that Uhuru will use any means to make sure Ruto does not become president. I even doubt that Ruto will be in the ballot in 2022.

  • David Murathe-

BBI and Huduma Namba zinafanana.