BBI Final Report Out


these are ramblings of a tanga tanga adherent

Hapo kwa health I support.if they are introducing regional government then counties should be scrapped off

If Ruto had fought corruption, kuna mtu angekuwa na easy time kuchaguliwa as next rais kama yeye kweli? Sidhani.

bullshit kuna counties MCAs wote hawakupita class 8 how do they become CECs


The devil uses greed when he wants to destroy you, let us see if we will pass this test

Yaani we have people who must be in leadership positions??? God kill them all.

Kusema ukweli, no one can justify the reason for these changes. We should accept that kenya is a group of people in a an randomly enclosed area of arbitrary placed lines on a map with the collective IQ of a fat potato. It reminds me of primary school when you would watch that guy in front of you who did not attend school that semester because of illness of family tragedy keep trying to guess the answers. Erasing random letters and guessing new ones in the hope that some lucky combination will lead to a 95% score instead of the obvious and expected 16%.

That analogy is quite hilarious

This is what all the politicians want even the Ruto guys. they are playing with our minds now and they will change tune last minute