BBI fattens the MCAs wallets... And MCAs are happy


We already knew the agenda of the meeting was bribery coz that shit wasn’t selling in Mt. Kenya.

No worries. Its part of the 2 Billion stolen everyday.

@spear amekupea kazi ngumu sana

Selling breastfeed baba initiative is being done by threats, intimidation and bribery. Today was all about bribery. Its like being paid to have a watermelon put into your behind.:smiley:

That said, they paid off MCA’s to drop punguza mzigo referendum bid. They will pay a lot more for this and still fail resistance. Same to Parliament and Senate. Basically it will be vigorous throughout. Then if they push it through then referendum will send it home. Basically let them use their own rope to hang themselves slowly.

Now I’m even more resolute against this BBI shafting. Can’t wait to see it fall and all the prince’s efforts come to naught.

siwezI kuwa side moja na hii umbwa takataka inaitwa @spear so i think ill vote for the BBI

Musakhulu, even a faulty clock is correct twice a day.

BBI chieth must fall!

voters should punish those mcas in 2022, they were elected to champion their needs not for selfish interests and receiving bribe openly. Who will stand with the common man?

A country that has just come from begging Bretton Woods and China for debt suspension is now awarding MCAs car grants in return for voting for a grossly bloated parliament?

Nini huwa shida ya Kenya?

How will MCAs repay 2 Million interest free loan in 2 years ?

They know it is a gift/bribe in order to betray the people who voted for them.
Prezzo is very determined to make BBI pass.
I plan to vote NO for BBI and in 2022 I will hopefully vote for Kivutha Kibwana.

They will all be voted out and won’t enjoy it. I mean apart from those from cow areas

My NO vote is always steady. Tutaangusha 8am.

The dynasty now owns several car assembly companies. The free car gift to MCAs will end in his pocket.

Central wako kwa WSR, wacha MCA’s walete io umbleina watakipata.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come

Bank to be used will be NCBA. Watch this space

Ni kama wewe tu. You are also singing about hustlers because of what you will get. You can’t believe that Ruto is the best person to rule us. You know hw is a thief. Shameless!

Ata mimi.